30 Day Raise your Vibration Challenge to Improve your Life!

Welcome to the 30 Day Raise Your Vibration Challenge!

Quick Backstory

Lately I’ve been thinking back to a time about 5 years ago when everything seemed to be flowing well for me. During this time, I went to hot yoga in the morning before work, I was eating more smoothies and salads throughout the day, walking my dogs daily and singing on my drive home from my job. At that time, my job was very stressful and this was my way of keeping myself balanced. My life just seemed easier – I was connecting with people easily, felt energetic and I was happy.

Then due to some childcare changes, I wasn’t able to go to yoga in the morning. Then my stressful job was getting to me and I would eat throughout the day which usually resulted in eating chocolate and drinking way too much coffee. I was less active overall because I was sitting at my computer for long periods of time. I could feel my overall energy and vibration lowering.

Can you relate with either of these different times in my life? Have you had times when everything went well? What were you doing that made you feel that way?

What is your vibration?

Everything in the universe is made up energy which has different vibrational frequencies. I use energy and vibration interchangeably throughout this article because to me, energy is easier to conceptualize. But it really is the vibration within the energy that we want to raise.

Think about a time that you felt excited. How did your body feel? Likely you felt light, energetic and like the energy was flowing through your body. At that time, your vibration was high.

Now think about a time that you were sad. During that time, your body likely felt heavy, tired and that it was difficult to move. At this time, your vibration was lower.

Throughout the day and our lives, our vibration fluctuates based on the situation, the people around us and the places we’re in. The goal is to continue to practice on raising your vibration so that your overall vibration is higher and you get closer to aligning with happiness, peace and joy. Little bits everyday will help build your overall vibration.

How do you measure your vibrational frequency?

Take a moment to take a few breaths and tune into your body. Now read through the levels in the picture to the left and see which level or word resonates most with how you feel. If you’re unsure, don’t stress about it. The goal is to raise our vibration for a better life and align yourself with love, happiness, peace and joy.

How do I change my vibration?

Your vibration is directly related to your thoughts, feelings and actions. You can actively choose to do activities that will increase your vibration in your body, mind and spirit. The more that you do to raise your vibration, the easier it will be to live life in love, acceptance, happiness, peace and joy.

When you experience low vibrations such as sadness, fear or guilt, allow yourself to sense the vibration, feel the emotion and then release the low energy. You may want to do one of the activities below to help raise your vibration. The more you practice raising your vibration, the easier it will be to recover from these times of lower vibration.

Remember back to high school physics and the Law of Attraction – Like Attracts Like. The energy/vibration that you put out will be what is attracted to you. We all know a person that goes around saying they have a black cloud over them and really do seem to have bad luck. Or think of that energetic person that seems to get all the lucky breaks. You attract what you put out to the world so try to send out love and joy.

Situations or people which can raise or lower our vibration as well. The situations and people with high vibrations will raise your vibration. Think of how you feel at the beach or around people celebrating a new baby.

Sometimes certain situations or people will have a low vibration. When you notice this, acknowledge to yourself that this is happening and try to stay within your own vibration. You do not need to take on other people’s low energy or vibration.

Benefits of Raising your Vibration

How more positive experiences (Like Attracts Like)

Energizes and upilfts your emotions

Improves body functioning

Improves connections with others

People and situations will be easier to manage

Increase in creativity and confidence

Activities to Raise your Vibration

The activities below will help you raise your vibration. After each activity, take a few breaths or a few minutes to tune inwards to see how the activity feels. If you can, grow that feeling throughout your body to get it to every cell in your body.

Healthy, fresh food

Fresh fruit and vegetables have a high vibration. Try to focus on these foods. Also, drinking water is essential for the movement of energy in your body.


This is the one that I love. Throw on a few dance songs and groove out in the kitchen or living room and instantly feel more energetic and happier.


Move your body in a way that feels right for you. For some people this could be a run, others it will be a walk. Some people will like team sports, others will like some solo time. Do what’s right for you and listen to your body. By exercising, it gets the energy flowing through your body.


Practice yoga or do some stretching throughout the day. Start with 20 minutes and increase as you are able. Both yoga and stretching get you in tune with your body. The benefit to yoga is that you focus on your breath while you both stretch and strengthen your body. There are some great videos on YouTube for yoga such as anything with Yoga with Adriene.


Listen to a meditation on YouTube or practice sitting down for short periods of time to be silent and focus on your breath. Slowing down, focusing on your breath and being in the moment allows your mind to become calm. This calmness allows you to respond to situations and people around you. To start, aim for 5 minutes of stillness. When you start thinking about something (as we all do), gently bring yourself back to your breath. Be patient and kind to yourself.

Create art or music

Let’s get that right brain activated! Creating something makes you feel good. Sketch out a picture, color with pencil crayons, paint, make some pottery, practice your guitar or your kid’s recorder and start creating magic.


Journaling is an amazing activity to check in with yourself, contemplate life or plan for the future. There are plenty of journal prompts and ideas on the internet. Just search them up, grab a notebook or piece of paper and get started!

Sound Bath

This combines music and meditation and uses instruments that have deep vibrations. I’ve done it a number of times and I can feel the vibrations moving through me. Check out YouTube to see what it’s about. I find it very relaxing and invigorating.

Listen to Music

Music truly can be magical. It can calm or energize your body for what you need in that moment. At the end of work days, try rocking out in the car or at home for some stress relief. You may also try to listen to some music in the morning to get your energy up.

Practice Gratitude

Think about three things, peoples or places that you are grateful or thankful for. Let the feeling of these sink into your body. To consistently practice Gratitude, try linking it to an activity you do everyday such as first thing in the morning, as you go to sleep, in the shower or over breakfast.


Find something that will make you laugh or smile. These can be thoughts of past events, family, friends, fur babies or it could be a video on the internet such as an America’s Funniest Videos.

Spend Time in Nature

Get out of the house and spend time in a park, forest or gardening. Reconnect with the Earth. Breath in the fresh air. Watch the trees sway in the breeze. Hear the birds chirping. Kick off your shoes and socks and put your feet on the ground for some Earthing/Grounding.


Our body needs rest to recover from life. Listen to your body and take rest as you need it.

Spend Time by the Water

Spend time at the ocean, lake or a river. Play (if it’s safe) in the water and allow yourself to have fun. Being outside, in the fresh air close to water is extremely beneficial for your mind and body.


As humans, we need physical touch. Reach out to loved ones and embrace them (with consent!).


These are short, positive statements that you say to yourself to help focus your intentions, steer you away from negative thinking and help you feel better about a situation. There are many on the internet that you can read to see which one would resonate with you in this moment.


Massage helps with the need for physical touch but also with releasing the tension within your muscles in your body.


Enjoy a nice hot bath and sprinkle in some Epsom salt and essential oils for added benefits.

Use Essential Oils

All things have a vibration including different essential oils. Rose oil has one of the highest vibrations – so get up and smell the roses! A quick internet search will show you the various vibrations of all the essential oils and how to use them.

Acts of Kindness

Compliment someone, volunteer, give to charity, provide help to a friend or bake something for someone. Help someone other than yourself and it’s bound to make you feel good.


There are many activities that you can do to increase your vibration. Other ideas are pray, read self-help books, forgive people or yourself, declutter your home, spend time with animals, watch educational documentaries, burn sage in your home. Feel free to write other ideas on the tracking sheet and use them.

How to use the tracking sheet?

Track the activities you do on a daily basis by coloring in a hand for every activity that you complete. While you’re coloring in the hand, think about the activity and take a few breaths to remember how it made you feel. Your thoughts and feelings about the activity are as important as actually doing the activity.

Aim for 3-5 activities per day. Try some new activities through this 30 day challenge to see how they make you feel.

Involve others

Over the years, I’ve been teaching this to my children. When my son becomes overwhelmed with a task, he becomes very heavy and his energy drains out of his body. At these times, we take some time to raise his energy by putting on music, going to jump on the trampoline or couch or running around the basement.

Next time you decide to have a dance party in the kitchen, grab your partner or your kids to join you. These strategies will benefit everyone in your family!

I would love to hear how you feel throughout and after the challenge. Leave a comment below or join us on Instagram to let us know.

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Lisa Crane

Lisa Crane is a mother to two kids, an Occupational Therapist and a seeker of balance in life!