Your ticket to the granola council

Homemade granola with yogurt and cranberries and gingerHave you ever been asked “how crunchy are you?” Maybe you took a quiz or scored yourself. Maybe it made you wonder how hard it is to make actual granola? You definitely do not need to be a card carrying member of the cloth diapering-extended breastfeeding-kombucha making-baby led weaning-babywearing-coconut-oil-using clan to quickly and easily master this delicious granola recipe. (Side note – choosing to do those things is awesome, and choosing not to do those things is also awesome. Other side note – this recipe does involve coconut oil.)

If you like a wee bit of granola on your yogurt, or a lot of granola with a dollop of yogurt or splash of milk, or a sprinkling on your ice cream, and if you have a half hour to spare once a week or so, then this recipe is for you. My husband eats a lot of this granola and I make a batch at least weekly. Prepare yourself.

If you like to know what goes into your food and control the amount of sugar, then this recipe is for you.

If your kids like to take cereal to school but you want their lunch to be low sugar, nutrient-dense and also nut free, then yay! This recipe is for you!

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Build Your Own Wraps – Snap Meal Planning

We all love wraps but we all like them our own way. By putting out the ingredients in the middle of the table, we all get to customize our wraps. The Snap Meal Planning printable below will give you some ideas of what you can put out but my suggestion is to raid your fridge, freezer and pantry to find what you need.

When my daughter was young, she was a picky eater. I would plate up her food and she would eat very little of it and then take five steps from the table and ask for a snack. There is nothing more frustrating as a parent than this!! One night I was searching for some help and came across a workshop called “Finally Turn Picky Eating Around” from Your Kids Table. I found this course extremely helpful. The two most helpful tips that I took away were to serve at least one preferred food per meal and to serve your food family style. Once I started putting all the food in the middle of the table, the kids could pick the food that they wanted to eat instead of what I told him to eat. This shifted the control of their eating to them and since we’ve started this, they’ve started to try new foods on their own.

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Applesauce Waffles – Snap Recipe Planning

For 2018 I needed to find some motivation with my meal planning.  I have been struggling with what to make for meals and it’s become a task that I dread.  I never realized that feeding four people would take so much time and energy. School lunches and dinner have been very basic in the past few months. I needed help to turn meal planning into an enjoyable (well maybe that’s too far…not dreadful) task!

I am a visual person so I had a thought that I would make recipe cards with pictures that I can print out at the photo lab on a standard 4X6 print photo. These would be low cost at around 20¢ each and would last for as long as I don’t get them too dirty! Then on the weekend, we would go through them and as a family we can decide what we would like to eat for the upcoming week.  I could even bring them to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. Continue reading “Applesauce Waffles – Snap Recipe Planning”