Family New Year’s Resolutions

Family GoalsEvery January, the majority of those who go to a gym notice the influx of people attempting to make good on their New Year’s resolution. Personal goals are terrific if they are obtainable and the person making them is committed to change.

This year, instead of focusing on yourself as an individual lets increase the focus to be on your family as a whole. In an effort to attempt to make the most out of our family time, below please find ten ideas for family New Year’s resolutions.

1. More Reading Time

I suffer from this one in particular. Picking up a book in my spare time has never been a choice that I think of. But now with my kids almost at a preteen age, I want to ensure they see mom and dad reading as much as watching the television.

One resolution that did not make my top ten list was to be less calculated in exact days of the week or time during the day to set aside for certain tasks. Having knowledge of what you should be doing should be enough to allow for organic growth. Force feeding change only will typically only result in failure.

2. Less Screen Time

I put this as a family resolution even though I am sure that most parents feel it is only their kids that should be spending less time on their devices.

But try to not forget that once the kids are in bed, you and your significant other do not need to simply zone out playing video games or watching television each night. Play some games that the kids are not yet able to understand.

3. Weekly Rituals

If setting the exact night for a new ritual is needed, do it. It is totally understandable that perhaps only Tuesday’s are the night without hockey, gymnastics, et cetera each week.

The ritual can be the same or it can be rotated. Typical events would be playing board games or watching a family movie. Be sure to rotate who gets to select the game or movie of choice for full involvement.

Please see these articles for examples on great family games that do not take much time or cooperative games.

4. Family Exercise

This excellent resolution has so many options. Joining your local YMCA with a family account is a great way to have fun and get exercise. It allows access to the gym, swimming pool and gymnasium.

At a lesser extent, be active. Play street hockey, shoot some hoops or take a family bike ride. Anything that raises your heart rate is great.

New Year`s Resolutions
So many options for family fun and exercise

5. Eat More Healthy

This resolution again comes with many, many options. As a simple starting point, ensure you have a vegetable option with every dinner.

The biggest step is to limit the times per week eating away from home. It is totally understandable that picking up fast food here and there is the only option but attempt to limit the times and food quantity. Avoid supersizing the meals and steer away from the pop.

6. Dinner Together

When we are at home, plan to sit down together no matter what the meal is. Our family has taken on the family style eating habit a few years back to allow our kids choices at filling their own plates. It has worked wonders with them taking steps to try new foods that they would have never had eaten if we simply pilled it on a plate for them.

7. Family Dog Walks

Let’s extend the family exercise to any pets in your house. Getting out gets all eyes away from the screens and allows us all to take a deep breath and de-stress.

No dog, no worries. Family walks are a great time and bring along scooters, bikes, rollerblades or any other option for personal transportation.

8. Chores

Find a happy balance to do chores together. Parents should not work all week and then stress about the tasks of the household.

Find out what tasks are good for your children (depending on their ages) and work together. Having responsibility will help them grow and if warranted, you can provide an allowance that is dependent on having their work done.

9. Open Communication

Whether you want to have family meetings or an open door policy at the dinner table, encourage communication. No topic should be taboo.

Initiating this at an early age will give your family the confidence needed to entrust in you with needs moving forward.

Also, attempt not to hold back on your own concerns. Having your children hear what you face or fear will give them knowledge that struggling does not mean failure. Seeing you persevere is nothing but positive for everyone.

10. Volunteer

Give back. It does not need to be a huge donation but rather whatever you are able to provide. Shovel a driveway for a neighbour who needs assistance or volunteer some time.

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