5 Tips to Increase Self-Confidence

In this day and age we are dominated by technology and incredible speed requirements. Everything about our lives can be answered now and we feel obligated to never turn ourselves off. Based on all these external stresses, many of us face self-esteem and self-confidence issues. But how do you increase your self-confidence?

Feeling low about yourself or your abilities to perform as required for your personal life, work life or others is not unique. All of us face difficult situations but it is how we prepare and assure ourselves that we are good enough that is important.

Here are five tips to assist you in the process of increasing your self-worth.

1. Positive Thoughts

Being positive does not mean that you lie to yourself and hide any personal concerns that need to be dealt with. Instead it simply means that you need to be confident with who you are and dwell on the good.

Being self-aware allows you to focus on what you are good at and reflect on what may need work. Depending on the magnitude of what requires work, you can either signup for courses, read books or book an appointment with a properly trained professional for assistance.

Stopping negative thoughts can be an easy sentence to agree with but many do not even realize when their thoughts start to go down the rabbit hole. Starting each day or ending each night with personal affirmations can assist in detecting situations where you let your mind drift to a negative place.

One typical affirmation could be ‘My thoughts do not control my life, I can think different thoughts if I want.’ With daily reminders that you can stop the negative thoughts midstream is a huge obstacle that can be overcome.

For situations where your self-confidence may need a boost, remember ‘So What!’ Allow yourself to review what would be the worst that could happen and what the fallout could be. Almost every time without thinking the situation through, you greatly exaggerate the consequences.

2. Feeling Good

Now that we are thinking positive, let’s start feeling good. There are many outlets to increase our internal feelings. My main outlets are meditation and exercise.

Exercise is widely known to assisting with levels of tiredness, stress and depression. While meditation also assists in reducing stress and anxiety levels but increases your self-awareness.

Lastly, review your diet. There are many processed foods that can contribute to a ‘low’ feeling in your body. Attempt to eat fresh and healthy as the transformation will be immense.

3. Realization That Tomorrow is a New Day

Putting in time today will make tomorrow that much better. Life is not a race but we need to cross the start line before we have a chance to finish.

Time and effort can be hard to come by one you get the kids to bed but you need time for yourself to recharge and positively affect your outlook.

4. The Right Surroundings

There is no such thing as a completely positive day or life. We all face obstacles. But we must put ourselves in situations where succeeding and feeling good about ourselves is the likely outcome.

The friends and family we engage with and job we keep have a huge impact to how we feel internally. Replacing friends and income is not an easy transition but one that needs to be evaluated.

5. Set Realistic Goals

When all is said and done, we need to be truthful to ourselves. Setting unrealistic goals can increase our issues concerning our self-esteem and self-confidence. Missing goals would only compound these internal doubts.

So start small and gradually increase when you feel you are ready.

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