Fruit Skewers & Ganache

If you have small children in your life you have probably already noticed that they tend to turn their noses up at things you make to eat, but will attack the same thing like a pack of locusts if someone else makes it for them.

fruit skewers and ganache

The very same thing, but it’s as though your sister sprinkled that snack with magical fairy dust and all of a sudden it’s the best thing they’ve ever had. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Sprinkle some magic fairy dust of your own with fruit skewers and ganache.

My sister lives across the country, and so I can’t rely on her to dazzle my kids with something I want them to eat. The next best thing is to take the same old thing I always make and present it differently. My kids won’t usually ask for fruit salad, but if I put the EXACT SAME INGREDIENTS on a wooden stick and call it fruit skewers they can’t get enough. I don’t know what that’s about, but yay?

If I really want to wow and amaze them I will mix up a small bit of ganache (chocolate dip) and this guarantees that they’ll easily double or triple their fruit consumption. Plus it’s delicious, and I’ll have some too for quality time after school. Or breakfast. Don’t judge.

fruit skewers and ganache

Be mindful of your kids’ dexterity and/or likelihood of poking themselves or a sibling with the pointy end of the skewer. Maybe opt for fruit on a fork, with ganache for dipping and call it fondue. They’ll still love it.

Fruit Skewers (aka fruit salad on a stick)

  • Gather a selection of fruit that will hold up to being speared by a skewer. Bonus points if it’s tasty when dipped in chocolate (so, all of the fruit). Firm banana is heavenly but needs to be added right before eating to avoid browning. Consider also melons, other firm berries, pears, plums, peaches or nectarines, and apples.
  • Wash, peel, separate, cut as needed and thread onto a skewer in pleasing arrangements. Get kids to help! Cover and refrigerate until ready to eat. Sprinkle with dilute lemon juice if the fruit you’re using is prone to browning and if your kids will make a disgusted face at the thought of putting it in their mouths.
fruit skewers and ganache


  • For two skewers (pictured) I made one small batch of ganache for my two kids to share since they were getting along reasonably well that day. If I’ve got a lot more kids to feed then I will usually make half batches in individual bowls so they can portion it however they like. 125ml mason jars are good for this, or small pyrex dishes. Anything microwaveable will work, and they can lick their own bowl when they’re done.
chocolate ganache
chocolate ganache
  • ¼ cup chocolate chips
  • ½ tsp butter
  • 1 tsp cream (10% coffee cream is what I had – 35% whipping cream would work too)
  • Combine in a small glass bowl and microwave in short (20 second increments) until melted. Stir thoroughly to combine. I’m partial to mini rubber scrapers because they fit the size of this jar so well and we can get every last bit of chocolate out with it. These appear to be similar.
  • Yogurt is a good alternative to ganache, if chocolate isn’t your thing: plain yogurt, yogurt sweetened with maple syrup or jam, or vanilla yogurt are all delish.
fruit skewers and ganache

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