Fun Family Winter Activities

The snow is flying and temperatures are dropping, so what is a family to do? Luckily, the hardest part of enjoying the winter is braving the cold. So put on your most insulated jacket, warmest boots, mitts & toque and follow the following winter activities.

These tips will ensure your winter flies by and you will be amazed how fast spring arrives. As an extra bonus, the majority of the fun can be had without creating a large dent in your wallet.


Depending on where you live, there are limits to how much cold can actually be tolerated or enjoyed.  But for those medium range winter days, there is an infinite amount of fun to be had. 

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides – Great fun for a large group of friends or family. Jumping off the back and running back on is great fun.

Winter Bonfire

Outdoor Skating – Whether it is at a community centre or a City provided trail, getting exercise on a winter day is great fun.

Street Hockey Games

Winter Hike & Snowshoeing

Tobogganing & Sledding – Down a ditch or a hill is a good time for kids of all ages.

Cross Country Skiing

Ice Fishing

Build a Snowman, Snow Fort & Snow Angels – Outdoor fun that requires no set up. Just let the family lose on a pile of snow. Once the fort is built, enjoy it with a snowball fight.


Too cold of a day? No reason to turn on the electronics and space out on too much screen time. It is time to think outside the box and enjoy the day in new ways.

Decorate for the Holidays – Crafts and fun and easy. A simple Google search will find many ways to empty your recycling bin. Start with making snowflakes to hang around the house. Encourage the kids to use scissors, markers and glue to develop their fine motor skills.

Make Holiday Cards & Gifts for Teachers or Parents

Museums – There are many indoor places of interest that only require exposure to the elements during the commute. Take in the sights of your city or town during a cold day rather than during a sunny summer day.

Mini Golf or Simulators

Movies – Many theaters offer cheap showings at least once a week. Be sure to check out Cineplex Family Favourites for good value and fun.


Bake Cookies & Hot Chocolate

Swimming – Check out the free swim times at your city’s indoor pools. Hitting up some slides is great fun for all kids.


Gingerbread House – One of the best creations for the holiday season. For ease, purchase a pre-built house and simply have the kids stick on the candy. Empty the Halloween leftovers to hopefully rid your house of any remaining junk food.


The holiday season is a chance to teach, learn and help others. Volunteering also offers a chance to provide a great opportunity to your family to learn how to respect other people and things.

Organize a Food Drive or a Family Hamper

Helping out families in need by providing them some basic supplies during the holidays is an excellent way to give back. Having your kids help in purchasing the supplies or gifts for other kids will teach them some great life lessons.

Help Others Shovel Snow

Everyone needs help sometimes. And if you are out shovelling off the snowfall last night, don’t be shy in helping out a neighbour.


For those that are fortunate, you can escape the winter for some duration. The cost is obviously the driving factor to whether you can afford a trip or not. But there are variations to what consists of your trip.

Warm Destinations

Biggest cost but it offers the greatest removal from the cold. An all inclusive trip down south is an easy way to be on a beach and not have to make meals for a week.

Ski & Snowboarding Resort

If you enjoy outdoor activities but need to get away from home. Find a near resort that you can have fun on some hills.

Hotel for a Weekend

In Winnipeg, we are lucky that we can head to Grand Forks or Fargo for a weekend fairly easily. Being in a hotel for kids is a great change of pace and there are many options with indoor water parks to burn some energy off.

Overall, there are many ways to enjoy the winter. Be engaged and attempt not to get discouraged from the cold. And if need be, put a car starter in your vehicle so that it is at least a bit warm for when you run out to start your day.

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