Pasta Night – Snap Meal Planning Dinner Ideas

Pasta is a simple meal that I make on busy week day evening. Boil some noodles for a bit and warm up some sauce. Easy peasy…

Generally I make spaghetti with marinara. I do cook chicken/turkey balls and veggie balls up in the oven to have with the pasta. But this meal comes together quite quickly and everyone gobbles it up. 

So why do I cook spaghetti when there’s so many other pasta shapes out there? Because my kids say they only like spaghetti even though we’ve told them so many times that it’s all the same. They just don’t believe us. Like it’s some pasta conspiracy against them…

But why is there so many shapes?!? After some quick research, there are over 350 types of pasta with different textures for holding different type of sauces. So maybe I’m not telling my kids the whole truth. But considering one only likes butter and the other only likes marinara sauce, I don’t think their pasta tastes are that distinguished. 

Below is the 4×6 printable for the Pasta Night dinner idea.  Check out our other Snap Meal Planning recipes and meal ideas on our webpage under Eat

Try out different noodles such as spaghetti, penne, linguini, macaroni, fusilli, ravioli, rotini or tortellini. And pair them with different sauces such as marinara, bolognese, carbonara, olive oil, alfredo and pesto.

Like I said above, I pair the pasta with chicken/turkey balls and veggie balls. These are pre-cooked and frozen so that I just have to warm them up. 

I will also make garlic bread/buns to go with the pasta. Nothing like adding more carbs to carbs but it is delicious!

Or try out this Pasta Salad! Make lots and you can eat it all week for lunches!

Lastly, pasta has been a meal that my kids love to help out and make. The steps are relatively simple and they are successful most of the time. Of course I help them with the boiling water, but other than that, they are there to pour the pasta in, stir and try the noodles to see if it’s done. I feel like in ten years when they leave here, if they can make pasta, they will survive. 

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Lisa Crane

Lisa Crane is a mother to two kids, an Occupational Therapist and a seeker of balance in life!

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