Self Confidence Activity for Families or Groups

Self esteem activity

This week is Spring Break for my kids so this is giving us time to complete some projects that I’ve been wanting to do. The first activity was this Group Self-Confidence activity. This is a spin on my previous I Am Activity that has been really popular on Pinterest.

When I originally thought of this activity, I was going to do it as a family. I think it’s important that everyone in the family knows that they are special and that they are loved. We sometimes forget to express how special someone is so this is a perfect activity to take the time to tell our loved ones how wonderful they are.

I did this activity with a group of kids aged 7-10 but it can easily be done with older kids and large groups. It can also be done as a gift from kids to parents, grandparents, friends or teachers.

When we started, I got each kid to write their name on the top. I then explained that there are a number of words on the table with descriptive words. We went over the words as some of them are longer and more complex. I also explained that they could write other words on the sheet if they wanted. 

They then passed their sheet to the left and each kid put two words on each child’s worksheet. The kids took their time to pick the best words for the person. One of the kids wrote her name on the word to make sure the person knew who picked that word. It was all done with so much love and consideration – such a joy to watch.

When it was time to get their own worksheets back, they were so excited to read the words. Because there were two open spaces, the child was able to put two words on their own worksheet. They were able to reflect on who they were and pick the word that best fit them.

We then took the time to read them all and the kids were delighted to tell which one they picked for that kid. We came up with examples in some cases on how the kid exemplifies that quality. We all left that table feeling uplifted.

What you’ll need:

  • Printed Group Self-Confidence Worksheet (see below) – one per participant
  • Printed Sheet of Descriptive Words (see below) – ideally one per participant
  • Scissors – ideally one per participant
  • Glue stick
  • Markers


  1. Print out the Group Self-Confidence Worksheet and Sheet of Descriptive Words – one for each kid.Figure out your groups – if it’s a family, then everyone should do the activity together. If it’s a group of kids, then there should be 4-9 kids per group.
  2. Have each participant write their name on the top of the page beside the “All About”.
  3. Read over the Descriptive Words and explain/discuss any new terms.Have the children pass the paper to the left. Based on the number of people in the group, decide how many words that each person should put on the page.
  4. The kids will cut out the word and will glue the word in a circle. Or outside of the circle…whatever the kid feels is the right place for the word. They could also draw pictures on the side, write their own words or decorate the paper.
  5. Once the worksheet is back to the original kid, have the child review the words and have a discussion about how that makes them feel.

Let me know how your kids enjoyed this activity. I was really surprised by how excited the kids were to pick out the right word for the other kids and what their worksheet said. It’s nice to see kids take some time to realize how special they are.

Click on image to save and print.

Click on image to save and print

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Lisa Crane

Lisa Crane is a mother to two kids, an Occupational Therapist and a seeker of balance in life!

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