Year End Reflection & Goal Setting for Kids

The concept of a new year’s resolution in terms of goal setting has always been something I’ve struggled with. While part of me really likes the idea of starting new and setting goals for myself, I usually dread the process because I know I’m setting myself up for failure.

Failing to achieve new year’s resolutions has almost become a universal understanding amongst people, and I believe this is because we tend to base our future goals on things we didn’t do last year.

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10 Tips for Meal Planning Success

This post is about meal planning, but a word of caution – there’s no magic answer at the end (even if you skim read and skip to the bottom, still no magic answer). Meal planning success is a concept, a philosophy, a habit I try to stick to because everything is better when I do it.

What works for me might not work for you, but there WILL be something that works for you. Unless you’re a wing it 100% of the time kind of person, in which case, why are you reading this? Go read about my super awesome flexible muffin recipe or salad concept post instead, that’s much more your style.

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Daily Responsibilities Chart for Kids

Last year I quit my job to be home with my kids which meant that I took over getting them ready in the morning. After a few weeks of yelling at them, I realized our days needed to start with a positive morning, not one where we were all miserable when we left the house. I designed this Daily Responsibilities Chart which also doubles as a visual schedule for my kids to follow throughout the day.

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Free Printable Sight Words (First Grade – Dolch Word List)

Here is the third list of sight words. Check out the Pre-Primer list and the Primer list for more sight words. I was unfamiliar with the Dolch Word List until it had come up on my Pinterest searches when I was searching for printable sight words a few years ago for my daughter. I just searched out the origin of the word lists and found out that it’s from the 1930’s! I was taken aback about how old this concept is and went through the lists to make sure that it was still relevant. I think it is so I’m going to continue to share it with you.

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