Rice & Bean Salad

Is there a food that you associate with childhood? And, somewhat elusively, still enjoy? I have been eating some version of this rice & bean salad for at least 30 years. I remember my grandmother making it for large family gatherings, and if there was any left my mom always wanted leftovers. My grandmother still makes it sometimes, and now I argue for the leftovers!

rice & bean salad

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Easy Salve to Make at Home

Jars of salveSeveral years ago my kids were in a phase of making how-to movies…or making me watch pretend movies “on TV” while I sat across from them at the table while they re-enacted videos about all sorts of things. “How to Toast an English Muffin” from my then-4yo was a particularly thrilling episode.

Two summers ago I decided to teach them to use iMovie on our iPad, and this coincided with me experimenting with essential oils to ward off my youngest’s newly developed seasonal allergies (it worked for her!). We decided to try making a salve, and the kids — then 8 and 5 — decided to turn the salve experiment into a movie.

I rediscovered that movie recently, and found myself having difficulty adjusting to the dry air in our current community, so making new salve for my cracked hands came to mind.


  • an ointment used to promote healing of the skin or as protection
  • Something that is soothing or consoling for wounded feelings

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Miracle Muffins Save The Day

Mini muffins ready to eatDo you wish you had the perfect muffin recipe for every occasion? Do you ever find yourself missing ingredients, or wondering if you can substitute this for that? Well then. You’ve come to the right place. These miracle muffins are truly miraculous and are always good. They’re also good for you, and kids like them. Win-win, right? If I time a batch for when one or both kids have friends over after school it’s like they’re a swarm of locusts, plus the house smells great.

Muffins are a staple in our house, mostly in school lunches. My kids take two every day. Every single day for their entire school career works out to…approximately 2,880 between the two of them. So one might expect that I’ve mastered the muffin by now and indeed I have.

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Your ticket to the granola council

Homemade granola with yogurt and cranberries and gingerHave you ever been asked “how crunchy are you?” Maybe you took a quiz or scored yourself. Maybe it made you wonder how hard it is to make actual granola? You definitely do not need to be a card carrying member of the cloth diapering-extended breastfeeding-kombucha making-baby led weaning-babywearing-coconut-oil-using clan to quickly and easily master this delicious granola recipe. (Side note – choosing to do those things is awesome, and choosing not to do those things is also awesome. Other side note – this recipe does involve coconut oil.)

If you like a wee bit of granola on your yogurt, or a lot of granola with a dollop of yogurt or splash of milk, or a sprinkling on your ice cream, and if you have a half hour to spare once a week or so, then this recipe is for you. My husband eats a lot of this granola and I make a batch at least weekly. Prepare yourself.

If you like to know what goes into your food and control the amount of sugar, then this recipe is for you.

If your kids like to take cereal to school but you want their lunch to be low sugar, nutrient-dense and also nut free, then yay! This recipe is for you!

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