Burrito Bowls

Burrito bowls are one of my family’s favourite meals, quite possibly because no two bowls (or plates) look exactly alike and everyone can customize theirs to their exact liking. 

Burrito bowls are also a super option for buffets, meals with guests with wide-ranging tastes or dietary needs, and the majority of it can be prepped in advance. How many meals can do that?! Burrito bowls are a regular occurrence in my meal planning rotation and if I plan ahead I can do most of the prep for it at the same time as making other meals. Win!

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Make Ahead Stuffed Croissants for Lunches – Snap Meal Planning

These croissants are so easy to make on a Sunday for kids’ lunches. Plus you can customize them to each taste for your child or mix them up. Maybe your kids looove pizza fixings like my kids or are a little more exotic in their taste and would enjoy jam and cream cheese (yes that’s exotic for my kids!).  Continue reading “Make Ahead Stuffed Croissants for Lunches – Snap Meal Planning”