Apple Arcade – The Future of Mobile Gaming?

Kids and video games will always be a divisive topic among parents. Questions of play time, educational value, and appropriate content will always be asked when it comes to decided how much or what types of video games our kids should be playing. If that wasn’t enough to consider, add in the mobile gaming ecosystem and the issues and questions become even more pronounced. 

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Views on Video Games – Content & Playtime

I don’t think that there is as polarizing an issue in parenting today as the one that centres around kids and video games. On one side, there are avid gamers who defend their stance that games offer benefits that other activities don’t. On the other, there are people who believe that video games are a mindless pastime and create a culture of non-interactivity.

Due to there being so many different viewpoints and opinions, it is hard to zero in on what actually needs to be addressed when it comes to what and how often our kids are playing. Even a quick Google search on the issue will take you down a rabbit hole of data, stats, and studies that cover everything from suggested play time to combating video game addiction.

At the end of the day though, as parents, all we really want to know is whether the activities our children are participating in are providing safe and positive experiences. I find that if we frame the discussion around this simple idea, it can be much easier to come to some conclusions about what is best for them when it comes to their video game/screen time habits.

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