Top 5 Summer Outdoor Family Games

Far too often we forget our plans made in winter of enjoying each day of nice weather once spring arrives. There are always excuses for remaining indoors on a beautiful day, so we need to surround of lives with enticing options outdoors.

Finding games that have the capability to be competed between various ages and skill levels can often be a struggle. Below find a list of the top five outdoor summer games that we’ve enjoyed with our family.

1. Ladder Ball

Ladder ball is an excellent game for families with various ages and skill levels. Simply divide your friends and family members into teams and start throwing.

The more people around, the more fun that ladder ball can be. Having tournaments to crown the champions of the day creates an extra level of excitement to keep everyone entertained.

The three rungs of the ladder are worth various points (top 1 point, middle 2 points and bottom 3 points).  The first team to earn 21 points wins.

2. Bean Bag Toss

Whether you grew up calling the game bean bag toss, bags, baggo, sack toss or cornhole, this is another great game for family fun.

Similar to ladder ball, minimal skill is required for this game. And honestly, the lower the skill, the more fun the games are.

Rules are simple, throwing a bag in the hole scores 3 points while any bag that sticks on the board scores 1.  Once a team or player reaches or exceeds the score of 21 they win.

3. Spikeball

Spikeball is the most recent invention on the list. It is another game that is fast to learn but it does require the most skill to play as it was intended.

That being said, my children simply enjoy bouncing the ball off the net and attempted to hit each other.

Basic rules for a properly played game include two teams of 2 playing against each other. Players are situated around the net with teammates being side by side from each other.

One player serves the ball across the net to an opposing team member. The opposing team has three hits to return the ball to the net.

There is no limit to where participants can run, set or spick the ball from. Once a team fails to return the ball or the ball hits a rim piece, the opposite team receives a point.

4. Washer Toss

Washer toss is one of the most enjoyed games for my family. It is another low skill game consisting of attempting to throw a washer into a square target.

Boxes are placed approximately 20 feet apart from each other and the throwing player stands behind the box while attempting to throw inside the other box.

Three points are awarded to any washers tossed into the cup and one to any inside the box.  Many variations exist and are utilized for point counting (including points for leaners).

The best part of washer toss is that you do not need to purchase the kit. To spend more time together and to have fun outdoors, you can take the time and build a game set.

5. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a great game for ease of transporting anywhere.  It can also be played in almost any location (grassy yard, park, beach or other).

The official rules of bocce may not be always used but as long as fun is had, it does not really matter.

Each player selects one colour ball to avoid confusion with other players.

The way we play is that one player throws the jack and then throws one of his bocce balls. Since this player is currently the closest to the jack, he is referred to as inside. The inside player forfeits his turn.

Each outside player throws his bocce balls until one player overtakes the inside player. After each outside player throws, the player considered to be inside receives points according to bocce rules. A single point is awarded for each ball that is positioned closer to the jack than any of the competitor’s balls.

A team needs thirteen points to win a game.

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