Top 5 Summer Outdoor Family Games

Far too often we forget our plans made in winter of enjoying each day of nice weather once spring arrives. There are always excuses for remaining indoors on a beautiful day, so we need to surround of lives with enticing options outdoors.

FindingĀ games that have the capability to be competed between various ages and skill levelsĀ can often be a struggle. Below find a list of the top five outdoor summer games that we’ve enjoyed with our family.

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Tips for Keeping up with Schoolwork in Summer

As both a teacher and a parent, it is undeniable that summertime is my favourite time of year. However, to go along with the fun times with my kids and the relaxing days spent outside, in past years I would also  experience a lot of guilt throughout the summer. I tended to feel guilty about not being as productive as I should be and about not preparing enough for teaching in the fall. But the thing I felt most guilty about was not making my kids keep up with school work during their time off.

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