2019 Top Meditation Apps

Everybody needs time for self-care. The pace that most families live on is unsustainable for the long haul. With work, family commitments and daily chores quickly devour the majority of our day. The recognition that we need to slow down and find some inner peace is a need, not a want.

A way to reduce our stress in a great way is to start meditating. Meditating does not need to take up multiple hours per day but rather a short amount of quality time. And the benefits are in fact almost endless. You have a great outlet to reduce stress and anxiety levels while increasing your self-awareness.

Another advantage is the many outlets that are available on how to meditate. You can sign up for a class, read (or listen) to some books or the best option in my opinion is to download an app. There are many apps available. Many are free or offer free trails, so take advantage and find the app that best suits you. Below please find a breakdown of the top 5 apps that I utilized.

1. Calm

Current App Store Rating 4.7 (28.5k Ratings)

Easy sign-up upon downloading the app. Offering 100+ guided meditations covering sleep, anxiety, focus, stress, gratitude and more. Additional breathing exercise screens and many more options.

You receive a 7 day trial upon signing up with the yearly cost set to $76.99.

2. Headspace

Current App Store Rating 4.8 (57.6k Ratings)

Another app with a very easy signup that offers many topics as to why you are choosing the app. These range from stress, issues falling asleep and physical health.

Based on your personal preferences the app will send you a ‘nudge’ to remind you to take time to meditate each day. The app is very centered on assisting those from a first time beginner to a seasoned pro and has a user friendly interface.

Monthly costs to subscribe are $17.99 or a 40% savings for $129.99 annual subscription.

3. Insight Timer

Current App Store Rating 4.8 (11.4k Ratings)

I found the app to not be as user friendly as the others but there are thousands of free guided meditations, overall, very customizable.

Another 7 day trial for free to start and then a yearly cost of $78.99.

4. Simply Being

Current App Store Rating 4.7 (150 Ratings)

This was my first meditation app purchase and still my favourite to use. Very simple to use with customizable lengths and options for music or nature sounds in the background.

Overall, the options are limited but the app only has a onetime cost $2.79.

5. Smiling Mind

Current App Store Rating 4.7 (22 Ratings)

Smiling Mind offers the ability to customize to different age groups to initiate the process of meditation with your entire family.

It is noted as a 100% not-for-profit organisation that works to make mindfulness accessible to all.

The app appears to track and offer a great amount considering that it is free!

Other popular apps that are highly regarded but I have not personally utilized are:
-10% Happier
-The Mindfulness App
-Sattva Meditations & Mantras
-Simple Habit

So take your time, start small and give your confidence a boost!

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