7 Tips to Resume Upkeep

Far too often we become complacent in our work lives. We go to work only because it is work and we seldom think to look outside for opportunities for future growth. When an opportunity does arise, many individuals have not refreshed their resume in years! Below please find 7 tips for your resume upkeep.

There are various reasons for needing to keep your resume up to date:

Negative Reasons
Do you find yourself complacent at work? Found yourself at a level where there is a lack of growing, lack of opportunities or simply not receiving recognition or financial advancement? Is your company currently in a state of flux where your position may be found obsolete?

Positive Reason
Are external agencies or other companies contacting you about potential opportunities?

A good rule of thumb is to update your resume every six months so your recent training and qualifications are fresh in your mind.

1. Include (or Update) a Professional Summary

Provide an overview of your career to date. List your abilities and experiences that separate you from your competition.

Be sure to briefly note your expectations of the new position you seek but keep the majority of the summary to what you can bring to the table.

Ensure to include keywords or noted requirements (skills or training) in your summary. If the company you are applying to is large, they may use a computer to perform the initial submission scan. Your goal is to write a resume that makes to it a human eye.

2. Clean up Your History

Obviously your schooling has not changed but there is no requirement to date your education. Stating the degrees or certifications obtained is sufficient information.

For previous work, only include past positions for up to the past 15 years. Beyond 15 years is not relevant to your current new position search.

For all continuing education courses completed, keep it concise to position you seek. Non relevant training only eats away valuable space and interest within your resume.

For potential training opportunities, EPIC Training offers many choices throughout Canada for engineers and technical professionals.

3. Your Skills Have Change

Every year it seems like new programs are introduced that are needed for various positions. No need to keep a note of now historic programs and systems.

Also keep your skills aimed towards your position of choice. If the last time you polished off your resume was in search of a mid-level position and now you are looking to be a supervisor, your skills need to reflect that. Show off your ability and experiences displaying leadership, communication, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

4. Keep it Professional

Hobbies and interests are not required on professional updated resumes. Keep your information directed at the purpose of your resume. Which should be to find a position that reflects your needs.

5. Layout Matters

Finding the proper layout of your document is crucial. It needs to pique the interest of the reader while not being an eyesore.

Try not to over bold or underline too many words or phrases. Remember that the resume layout only needs to draw interest from the reader but it is the content that will get you the interview, not the highlighted and bolded words throughout.

The reviewer of your resume will start at the top, so ensure that your professional summary is well written. Spend the most time on the top portion of the document so that you hook the reader to ensure they simply do not overlook your submission.

6. Size also Matters

You are not writing a novel. Providing details for every day of work you have completed is not necessary. Attempt to keep you resume to one page or a bit longer. This will assist in avoiding repetitiveness within your document.

7. Zero Errors

Perform a detailed review of your resume. Ensure you do not have any grammatical errors, typos or incorrect information (i.e. current phone number and email address!). And more importantly, ensure you have not exaggerated key items that you cannot defend.

Keeping an up to date resume will ensure that you never miss out on a last second opportunity. Keeping your resume fresh to what is expected in a 2018 resume will increase your opportunities for a job interview.

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