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For 2018 I needed to find some motivation with my meal planning.  I have been struggling with what to make for meals and it’s become a task that I dread.  I never realized that feeding four people would take so much time and energy. School lunches and dinner have been very basic in the past few months. I needed help to turn meal planning into an enjoyable (well maybe that’s too far…not dreadful) task!

I am a visual person so I had a thought that I would make recipe cards with pictures that I can print out at the photo lab on a standard 4X6 print photo. These would be low cost at around 20¢ each and would last for as long as I don’t get them too dirty! Then on the weekend, we would go through them and as a family we can decide what we would like to eat for the upcoming week.  I could even bring them to the grocery store to buy the ingredients.

Next I needed a name for this process so people could search out these printable cards. If you search printable recipes, the printable versions of the recipe comes up but the formatting isn’t how I wanted it on a 4X6 photo. So I’m going with Snap Recipe Planning. The word Snap can mean both an easy task and another name for a picture. Voila! Seemed like a perfect fit.  I hope that the name catches on and will be searchable on Pinterest very soon!

For the first Snap Recipe Planning recipe card, I made Applesauce Waffles for the kids’ lunch. I based this recipe on a recipe I found at 100 Days of Real Food.  I changed some of the flour to oat flour since I like the taste of oat flour more than whole wheat flour. I took quick oats and ground them up in the dry container of my Vitamix to make the flour. You can use all whole wheat flour as in the link above too. The waffles turned out beautifully! I made a double batch to get me through a full week of lunches for the two kids. I break apart all the sections of the waffle and send three triangle (3/4 of a waffle) each. I accompany the recipes with maple syrup, some strawberries and blueberries and a yogurt. The waffles can be eaten both warm (they have a microwave in their class) and cold and they enjoy them both ways.

Click on the picture to save the image.

Another option if you don’t want to print the pictures is to save them to a folder on your tablet or phone. Then you can scroll through them together and write down your plan for the week.

Let me know how you plan to use the pictures. This will help me to plan for the future!

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Lisa Crane

Lisa Crane is a mother to two kids, an Occupational Therapist and a seeker of balance in life!

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