Back to School Lunch Planning, Getting Kids to Help!

I don’t know what it is about making school lunches that seems like such a chore, but some days I just dread doing it. Once they are made and in the fridge (always the night before) I feel so accomplished. My kids are not big on left overs, so I have learned, and they prefer a bunch of small things rather than a few main food items. They call it a “snacky lunch”… So then I found myself  trying  to pack a million different Tupperware containers to hold it all in a zipper lunch bag that needed to be the size of their back packs.

My First Good Decision

I did myself a favor and purchased lunch boxes that would make my job easier. YUMBOX lunch box containers are amazing.

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Top 5 Gifts for 2 Year Olds and Beyond


Even though I am a mom of a 6 and 3-year-old, I still find myself struggling to think of good gift ideas for younger kids. I am not one to stroll the toy aisle at Wal-Mart or Toys R Us and just grab the first thing I see. I know what it’s like to have a house full of toys that no one ever touches. It looks fun and exciting when your kid first gets it, they rip open the package, you frantically put it together and they are completely enthralled for…20 minutes…then it ends up in the black hole of toys never to be seen again.

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Is your Family Prepared for an Emergency?

My son has a habit of starting big conversations when we only have a little bit of time, like during our 2 minute drive to his school in the morning. And when you are 6 years old a lot can be said in 2 minutes. As we were turning the corner, with his school in sight, he tells me that today they are having a fire drill, and they have already had a tornado and lock down drill.

He goes on to say, all in one sentence, “for a fire we leave the school, but for a tornado we go into the hallway and for a lock down we go to the back of the class far from the door and put our heads on the wall so the bad person thinks the room is empty, what do we do if that stuff happens at our house mom?” Now he is looking at me from the back seat, and we are next in the drop off loop, so he unbuckles and hops out of the car as I shout by usual goodbyes. I think to myself that this is a conversation we will need to finish up, and I’m thankful for the extra time to figure out how I’m going to answer him.

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Summer Fun with a Schedule

I am going to admit something that I have adamantly denied to my husband forever, I would not describe myself as spontaneous…ok, there I said it…It feels like I am admitting to not being fun, but lets agree that spontaneity is not the opposite of boring. I am someone who likes routine, structure and plans. I like knowing what to expect and being prepared and find comfort in organization.

Daily routine and structure is not only a preference but I believe it is also a healthy life choice. Following a pattern throughout your day and week reduces anxiety and also frees up brain power to focus on what you are doing and reduces cognitive fatigue.  Continue reading “Summer Fun with a Schedule”

Kids Need Wellness Too!

After I wrote my recent post about adult wellness, it got me thinking about wellness for my kids. They don’t have the same stressors in their lives that us parents would have, but everything is relative and I have witnessed anxiety, stress and feelings of being overwhelmed in my kids.

As adults, we tend to downplay these expressions of emotion and say something like, “this is not a big deal” and redirect them with distractions. There is an appropriate time for a response like this, but I think there are also times that we need to validate how hey are feeling and teach them how to manage those feelings.

Listening to them and talking it through is one way, but sometimes they may need more than that. I know when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed I need to move and be productive in that moment so I can relax enough to be able to rationally think through my stressors. Yes, my coping strategy is cleaning, something quick with instant results. But, I have found that if I take the time to practice mindfulness or wellness regularly, like reading, going for a walk, socializing with friends or practicing yoga I experience fewer episodes of stress and anxiety. (I feel better, but my house may not be as clean…). So it would make sense that the same theory should alleviate stress in my kids.

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