The Importance of Role Models

As part of the leadership program I teach, the grade 11/12 students in the class are required to spend time in a classroom at one of the 3 primary schools in our area. When I initially created this component of the course, I figured it would be a good way for the students to get some quality, albeit basic leadership experience. They’d get a chance to work with younger students twice a week, and as a reward, they’d get some solid material to add to their resume.

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Building Confidence with Board Games


The funny thing about building confidence in ourselves is that quite often, we are told what we need to do but not how to do it. For example, if you read any advice on the subject you’ll often see things like “be fearless” or “take risks” but without any suggestion of concrete actions you can take in order to do those things.

As adults, we can usually take those suggestions and place them into a context that makes sense for us. But for our kids, we can’t just say motivational catchphrases in the hopes that they will become confident and self-assured. We have to be able to provide experiences that allow them to build confidence. 

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5 Tips For Building Your Child’s Self Confidence

When I think about the happiest and most successful people I know, I realize that as different as they may be, they all share one common trait. They all present an air of self confidence. What this means is that they seem to be very comfortable with themselves and they are able to move from task to task without doubt or concern. While this comes in many different forms, there is no denying that fact that confidence is crucial to life long success and as well as personal self-worth.

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3 Tips for Encouraging Time Management Strategies for Kids

Lately, I have become increasingly more interested in the idea of procrastination, especially now that I have heard some people refer to it as a possible psychological disorder. However, unlike a lot of articles that speak on the topic, I am not all that interested in the consequences or even the causes, but rather the strategies that we can implement to avoid falling into the common traps of putting things off. I’m even more interested in these things now that my children are at an age where they are starting to make decisions about how they want to use their time and energy.

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