Family New Year’s Resolutions

Family GoalsEvery January, the majority of those who go to a gym notice the influx of people attempting to make good on their New Year’s resolution. Personal goals are terrific if they are obtainable and the person making them is committed to change.

This year, instead of focusing on yourself as an individual lets increase the focus to be on your family as a whole. In an effort to attempt to make the most out of our family time, below please find ten ideas for family New Year’s resolutions.

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Fun Family Winter Activities

The snow is flying and temperatures are dropping, so what is a family to do? Luckily, the hardest part of enjoying the winter is braving the cold. So put on your most insulated jacket, warmest boots, mitts & toque and follow the following winter activities.

These tips will ensure your winter flies by and you will be amazed how fast spring arrives. As an extra bonus, the majority of the fun can be had without creating a large dent in your wallet.

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