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Learning to play music has many positive effects on a child, as previously discussed here Benefits of Learning Music. But learning music is not the only benefit from music. The simple act of listening to music within your household adds value. Below please find 5 benefits of listening to music for your family.

1. Growing Bonds

Too often in life, people get stuck in their generation of music. This is not meant as a slight as you have a personal connection with your music of taste. But rather, having an open mind to listen to the ‘music of today’ can pay off in connecting with your children.

For young children, introducing as many different types of music is a benefit. It will allow them to show respect to other people’s musical choices but will also allow them to find what music they connect with.

Sharing your music choices will also provide insight to who you are. As with many, there should be many stories of where you were or what you were doing the first time you heard a certain song or band. This is another great way to share some stories that may get overlook.

At an older age, by being receptive to all music styles, your children may come to you with a new band they just heard. Providing positive feedback or simply smiling while you listen will make them happy to come to you with their personal tastes.

(Music Still Exists on CD)

I have many positive personal memories of my mom showing me respect and dancing to Jamiroquai’s The Return of the Space Cowboy or actually being able to listen to Snoop’s Doggystyle without saying anything negative till Track 11 started.

Listening to Music
Takes time to copy over all your CD’s!

2. Form of Expression

Teaching the proper ways for kids to show who they are can be a difficult task.

Allowing them to turn up the stereo, play some music and sing along is an easy one.

Giving the green light to do this will make them happy that you are respecting their choices. And if the music is not really for you, it is a perfect time to take the dog for a walk.

3. Keep Engaged

A terrific musical listening game is to connect a device with a streaming music account to a blue tooth speaker. It is best on a warm day with a few friends over.

While sitting around enjoying the company, simply pass the device from person to person allowing everyone to select a song at a time. It is amazing to see who picks what song. Do they go back to high school days or do they try some new music.

By keeping you and your kids engaged into each other’s musically choices will add more bonding and respect between each other.

4. Outlets for New

Keeping your car locked into a 70’s & 80’s terrestrial radio station may not benefit your ability to grow your music tastes.

There are many opportunities out there for hearing current music. My personal outlet is satellite radio. SiriusXM may cost a few dollars a month but by having commercial-free music, it is well worth it.

I attempt to minimize the amount of time my radio is on Lithium (grunge & 90’s alternative) and instead have it dialed into Alt Nation for top alternative music. The true bonus is that the best DJ on SiriusXM (Madison) works both channels!

Listening to Music
No greater fun than sharing music festivals with the family!

5. Outlets for Kids

The two fastest things that happen when I start my truck when I am with my kids:
1. Switch away from Howard100 as fast as humanly possible.
2. My daughter Lexie asking for me to put on channel 77, KIDZ BOP.

For a while I dreaded listening to the Kidz Bop kids singing but then I quickly heard the joy. Not in the music itself but in the backseat of my truck. Both my kids singing along to every song word for word, happy as all could be. And all I had to do was provide them this easy outlet.

No matter the type of top hits your child is into, there is a channel on SiriusXM.

If paying the membership fee is not for you. Allow your kids to connect their device to your speakers in the car. Having them happy and sharing their music is a great opportunity.

Overall, sharing and respecting music choices can positively affect other family aspects. My wife introduced meditation and calming music to our kids as babies and to this day on any restless night, my son asks to listen to them.

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