Egg Cups

If your busy family is like mine, you are always looking for nutritious foods to eat on the go. Sometimes you find a winner, but then your kids decide abruptly that they don’t like that old standby any more, and then what?! And then your spouse changes their work and workout routine and all of a sudden is eating a ridiculous amount of protein. The co-workers don’t enjoy the sensory experience that comes with a person eating a large quantity of hard boiled eggs every day.

Behold…egg cups. I was hunting around for something that would do triple duty for the kids’ lunches, my spouse’s need for a second breakfast on-the-go after a workout, and a quick protein snack for me. I couldn’t find quite what I was after, so I invented it. The tricky part for me is making one thing that everyone likes. Even if I find that, it has to be simple, because I don’t do fussy cooking. But egg cups? Nailed it.

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Harry Potter Party Planning & Decorations

Anyone with a kid who is into the Harry Potter books (and movies too I suppose, but less so) will know how important the 11th birthday is. To the uninformed, it’s the age at which you receive your letter to Hogwarts. It’s a VERY important time in the life of a young witch or wizard, and the perfect time to throw a Harry Potter party for a birthday kid.

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Quick Tea Biscuits

So many times I have been half an hour away from having lunch or dinner on the table and cursed myself for not picking up a nice loaf of bread, or rewinding several hours and starting a loaf in the bread machine.

Quick Tea Biscuits to the rescue! It usually takes longer to preheat my oven than it does to prep and cook these delightful little biscuits. They are so good with soup, stew, chili, or to accompany a salad. Come to think of it they’d also be awfully yummy with jam or honey. Now I’m hungry.

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Burrito Bowls

Burrito bowls are one of my family’s favourite meals, quite possibly because no two bowls (or plates) look exactly alike and everyone can customize theirs to their exact liking. 

Burrito bowls are also a super option for buffets, meals with guests with wide-ranging tastes or dietary needs, and the majority of it can be prepped in advance. How many meals can do that?! Burrito bowls are a regular occurrence in my meal planning rotation and if I plan ahead I can do most of the prep for it at the same time as making other meals. Win!

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Borscht, or beet soup, has as many variations as there are people who make it, and is another regular in my soup rotation. Although usually associated with red beets, or beetroot as it’s called in other parts of the world, some borscht recipes don’t include beets at all! Shocking, I know. Those who say raisins are nature’s candy are wrong. Nature’s candy is beets.


A quick perusal of recipes online and in my own recipe books produces a variety of seasonings, ingredients, vegetarian and vegan options, and presentation. The ready availability of beets, cabbage, onions, and soup stock means it’s a great fall or winter option. Plus, it’s so pretty!

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