Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies

If you love the flavour of gingerbread or ginger snaps but aren’t a fan of the tooth-cracking rock hard texture or the whole rolling out the dough process then good news! Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies might become a new favourite (and not just for Christmas either). They are soft and chewy, have that wonderful ginger flavour, and are easy to make.

chewy ginger molasses cookies and mugs of tea
Enjoy chewy ginger molasses cookies with your favourite person and a mug of something warm!
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Make Ahead Stuffed Croissants for Lunches – Snap Meal Planning

These croissants are so easy to make on a Sunday for kids’ lunches. Plus you can customize them to each taste for your child or mix them up. Maybe your kids looove pizza fixings like my kids or are a little more exotic in their taste and would enjoy jam and cream cheese (yes that’s exotic for my kids!).  Continue reading “Make Ahead Stuffed Croissants for Lunches – Snap Meal Planning”

Hearty Lentil Dip

This hearty lentil dip is one of those super easy, flexible recipes that I rely on regularly in my rotation. It can be a dip, it can be a salad, or it can be a salad topper. It makes up super fast, and can be thrown together last minute, or sit overnight or longer if you are planning ahead.

Hearty Lentil Dip is made from ingredients that are easy to keep a stash of in your pantry, and is always a hit at potlucks or when friends are snacking on appetizers and munchies.

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