5 Tips For Building Your Child’s Self Confidence

When I think about the happiest and most successful people I know, I realize that as different as they may be, they all share one common trait. They all present an air of self confidence. What this means is that they seem to be very comfortable with themselves and they are able to move from task to task without doubt or concern. While this comes in many different forms, there is no denying that fact that confidence is crucial to life long success and as well as personal self-worth.

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5 Tips to Increase Self-Confidence

In this day and age we are dominated by technology and incredible speed requirements. Everything about our lives can be answered now and we feel obligated to never turn ourselves off. Based on all these external stresses, many of us face self-esteem and self-confidence issues. But how do you increase your self-confidence?

Feeling low about yourself or your abilities to perform as required for your personal life, work life or others is not unique. All of us face difficult situations but it is how we prepare and assure ourselves that we are good enough that is important.

Here are five tips to assist you in the process of increasing your self-worth.

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5 Skills for Meaningful Friendships

Have you ever thought about how good of a friend you are? Friendship skills are critical to maintain and grow your relationships in your life. Below is a free printable worksheet to help you reflect on your skills and to set goals to improve your abilities. Read through the following ideas to further understand each skill.

While you’re brushing up on your friend skills, take a look at 5 Steps to Making New Friends.

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5 Steps to Making Friends

Making friends when I was a kid and a teenager was easy for me. When you’re in school and sports, there are an ample amount of people that you can play with. But when I hit my early 30’s, I realized I didn’t actually know how to make friends.

I was at a time in my life when I had two small kids. The friends I did have either had small kids or no kids. Trying to find a time to go out with the friends with small kids was getting more and more difficult. The friends with no kids were out partying and I didn’t want to stay up past 10 pm anymore because my tiny humans would be up at 6 am. I knew I needed to add to my friend list

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