5 Steps to Making Friends

Making friends when I was a kid and a teenager was easy for me. When you’re in school and sports, there are an ample amount of people that you can play with. But when I hit my early 30’s, I realized I didn’t actually know how to make friends.

I was at a time in my life when I had two small kids. The friends I did have either had small kids or no kids. Trying to find a time to go out with the friends with small kids was getting more and more difficult. The friends with no kids were out partying and I didn’t want to stay up past 10 pm anymore because my tiny humans would be up at 6 am. I knew I needed to add to my friend list

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Top 15 Places to Meet New Friends

Life is full of changes, whether it is relocating to a new city, having a change of interests or your children entering an older age with different needs. The fallout from these changes can be minor or it can create a void in your friend department.

But don’t fret as there are many opportunities to meet new people. Below is a list of the top 15 places to meet new friends who relate to you.

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Year End Reflection & Goal Setting for Kids

The concept of a new year’s resolution in terms of goal setting has always been something I’ve struggled with. While part of me really likes the idea of starting new and setting goals for myself, I usually dread the process because I know I’m setting myself up for failure.

Failing to achieve new year’s resolutions has almost become a universal understanding amongst people, and I believe this is because we tend to base our future goals on things we didn’t do last year.

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