House Maintenance – Tips & Insight

Saving money can be a difficult task and no one wants to be saving for a trip or a family event when a critical appliance or vehicle stops working.

What you need to know is that one of the easiest ways to prevent unforeseen expenditures is to keep a system maintained.

Far too often, an operational device or appliance is left alone until it fails. Creating reminders to up keep systems is a need, not a want.

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Electronics Cleaning – Tips & Insight

Cleaning your house includes ensuring your electronics are operating optimally and cleanly. Every family has their own rules and standards for screen time but the one thing that will be common to all is that little fingers will make our devices dirty and clogged with unnecessary apps and products.

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How to Get your Kids to be Better People using their Tablet

The other day the topic of our kids and their beloved tablets came up in Printable Chart for Screen Timeconversation amongst my friends. We each have kids between the ages of 3 and 7 and they all have their own personal tablet and use them for games, watching movies and surfing Youtube. The frequency of use varied between families, however we each agreed that though we know our kids should use them less…we all could admit that we do not stick to any particular limits on screen time.

I am fully aware that I let my kids use their tablets as a form of child care because when they are glued to those screens I can get uninterrupted time to get ready in the morning, pack for the day’s adventure, make a meal or just talk to my husband.  They sit quietly across from each other on the couch, and there are no arguments or yelling or tattling on each other because they are completely absorbed by the screen, or as my husband and I like to call them…tablet zombies.   Continue reading “How to Get your Kids to be Better People using their Tablet”

Spring Cleaning Made Easy – Tips & Insight

Now that you have freed your house of the winter clutter,  it is time to make your house shine in the Spring sun.  This article includes room-by-room steps for Spring Cleaning your entire house and yard.

Instantly transform your house by utilizing the following tips:


Nobody wants to initiate a task only to realize that they need to run to the store to buy a needed product.

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Simplify Spring Cleaning with Planning – Tips & Insight

The slow melt of a Canadian winter is in full swing and instantly across the country windows are being opened to let in some much needed fresh air.

Don’t let the thought of spring cleaning overwhelm you! Below are some much needed steps to simplify the tasks to help obtain you goals.
Kids Be Gone

Set up a playdate or ask a grandparent to provide some much needed assistance. Nothing will make you throw your arms in air more than the feeling of completing a cleaning task to only find out your children have created two new ones for you.

Kids are not meant to be organized, so plan ahead and have an outing planned for them instead. A movie, lunch or sleepover will do wonders for being able to fully engage at the task at hand.  Continue reading “Simplify Spring Cleaning with Planning – Tips & Insight”