Chicken, Black Bean, and Sweet Potato Salad

chicken sweet potato black bean saladOn my quest to create interesting and tasty salads I am taking my own advice and trying a little from each category from my standout salad checklist,and have crafted chicken, black bean, and sweet potato salad for the enjoyment of my taste buds (and yours!).

This delicious concoction of beautiful colours, textures, and flavours has been my favourite meal this past week. I tend to double up on my cooking and make more than I need for any one meal so that I have designated leftovers throughout the week, particularly for things like chicken, rice, and beans. They’re so versatile in so many meals. As such, quantities are as you desire. Salad making is more of a method than a recipe.

Chicken, Black Bean, and Sweet Potato Salad

Lovingly layer:

  • A bed of greens of your choosing
  • Cooked chicken breast, diced or sliced as you prefer
  • Cooked sweet potato, peeled and cubed
  • Saucy black beans, drained
  • Cooked, cold brown rice
  • A smattering of raw, unsalted sunflower seeds
  • A decorative but generous display of sprouts (grow your own all year!)
  • Avocado, perfectly ripe and cubed

Douse with your favourite salad dressing, or if you are in need of some dressing inspiration, try this one. It’s amazing.

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Did you catch that note above about growing your own sprouts year round? It’s super easy to do. You can buy a sprouter, or you can go old school and use a mason jar and a circle cut from plastic needlework mesh. Use a straight-edged jar if you go this route though, to avoid pooling of water in the shoulder of the jar when it’s upside down and draining. Make sure you use good quality seeds meant for sprouting too, not ones meant for planting. Pesticides and all that, ick. Sprouting is fun, and yummy, and packed with nutrition. You’re welcome.

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