Crackers and Jam for Snack

During the daily rush of trying to get things done, we often forget that kids can do a lot of things on their own. Making snack is one of them. Crackers and jam is one of the easiest (and messiest!) snacks for kids to make. So while you’re cleaning up the mess of the jam, just remember that you’re helping to teach them to be self-sufficient with food prep one day!

During this video, we had the opportunity to work on turn taking and communication skills as well. I use the phrase “use your words” to my kids a thousand times a day! I’m hoping by the time they’re 25 that they’ll actually get the message.

Always supervise your child when they are using knives. Using a spoon is always a good place to start.

Items needed:
• Crackers
• Jam
• Butter knife/spoon

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Lisa Crane

Lisa Crane is a mother to two kids, an Occupational Therapist and a seeker of balance in life!

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