Egg Sandwiches

egg sandwhichesEggs are a staple in our family, but of all the ways we eat eggs, egg sandwiches is the ONLY way we all like them.

Some of us like soft boiled eggs with toast to dip, some like scrambled, some like hard boiled with hot sauce, some like breakfast burritos, some like dippy eggs with toast.

Known as over easy to the rest of the world, as an adult I had to learn what this style was actually called so I could order it in a restaurant and not foolishly ask for dippy eggs in public. Anyway. Thank you parents for the excellent life skills.

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to eat laid-that-morning eggs, but mostly not. However you like your eggs, give this one a try.

As an unexpected bonus, because the kids like egg sandwiches at home, they will also eat fast food egg McMuffins at McDonald’s or a biscuit sandwich at Tim Horton’s if we are traveling and need them to fill up on the go.

The ingredients are simple, the construction straightforward, and my 8 and 10 year olds can make egg sandwiches not only for themselves, but for me too. Score! They’re a great protein breakfast, a nice brunch, a filling lunch, and have made an appearance on our dinner menu multiple times. They’re also pretty easy to make en masse, so if you have a crew over for breakfast they’re an option for a large gathering. They’d be pretty manageable to concoct while camping, and they’re a cottage mainstay.

egg sandwiches ingredientsIngredients:

Butter for the pan
1 egg
1 slice of ham
1 English muffin, cut in half
1 slice of cheddar cheese
Miracle Whip or mayonnaise
Sriracha or Frank’s Red Hot Sauce


egg sandwichesAssemble all ingredients. Find your favourite pan of whatever size suits you. Heat as you would for a fried egg, add a bit of butter to the pan. When the pan is hot and the butter has melted, put the slice of ham in. You’re not cooking the ham, just heating it up. I like it a little bit crispy on the edges.

Put the English muffin into the toaster. With my pan and my toaster the timing is perfect to start toasting right before or right after I put the egg in the pan, resulting in a lightly toasted muffin. Too toasty and the sandwich is hard to eat. You do what works for you.

egg sandwichesCrack the egg into the pan. If you want to keep the yolk runny then don’t break it. Otherwise, do. Meanwhile, cut a slice of cheese, get a knife ready to spread the mayo, and wait. Perhaps enjoy your coffee and think deep thoughts as you gaze out the window.

Flip the egg, and lay the cheese slice on top. You can turn the heat off of the pan at this point. Prep your muffin with mayo and hot sauce if you like it, and then layer the ham, egg, and muffin top in a stack. If the egg has spread out while cooking just fold it over so it’s mostly on the muffin.

egg sandwich recipe

When my kids were smaller I had to make them a foil jacket to keep the sandwich together – they’d take a bite and the innards would squirt out the back, there was crying, it wasn’t fun. Foil solved the problem, and now they’re coordinated enough with big enough hands to hold it together easily.

Customize your own egg sandwich in whatever way works for you! Add a slice of garden fresh tomato, or keep the yolk dippy and do avocado and bacon. Ooh, and sprouts. Make it vegetarian by skipping the ham. Sometimes the kids will want theirs on a croissant, and the shape the egg oozes into as it cooks in the pan is made perfectly for this shape.

So many options! What will you put on yours?

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