Electronics Cleaning – Tips & Insight

Cleaning your house includes ensuring your electronics are operating optimally and cleanly. Every family has their own rules and standards for screen time but the one thing that will be common to all is that little fingers will make our devices dirty and clogged with unnecessary apps and products.

By following these quick steps will ensure the best operation of your device.

Phones or Tablets

No matter the manufacturer of your phone or tablet, running out of space is always an issue. Increase your device’s capabilities by following these quick tips: 

• Dump Unused Apps – As easy as it sounds. No need to keep an Olympic medal tracking app from 2016. Depending on device type, under Settings, simply manage space by removing all old apps.

• Reload Apps – Correct any misbehaving apps by deleting them off and reloading. Doing this will also reset the app’s saved data, creating a sufficient amount of space back.

• Downloading Pictures – Move all your special moments off your device and onto your desktop or laptop.

• Delete Text Message Threads – Deleting any long standing conversations will free up ample space. But be aware that any shared photos will be deleted with the conversation if you don’t save them first. Also, you can set up an automatic deletion of messages to assist you in minimizing the wasted space.

• History Be Gone – Your Internet Browser will hold a lot of information regarding your searches. Ensure you go into the app and Clear History and Website Data or Clear Browsing Data.

• Music & Podcasts – Ensure that once you listened to your podcasts that you clear them off. Any downloaded new albums that only get the one time listen, kick them to the curb. Don’t let unwanted tunes be the reason you get a storage full message.


Desktop or LaptopLaptop keyboard

Similar to a phone or tablet, you need to manage the physical space on your computer. Here are some quick tips for improving your computers efficiency:

• Uninstall Unused Programs – Duplicate issue to a phone or tablet. Any games or programs that are no longer required, remove.

• Updates – Ensure that Windows or any other computer programs are up to date. If not, your computer is not equipped with the latest features and improvements.

• Disk Cleanup & Optimize – By performing this task, you will again remove any potential unnecessary files and folders. Depending on your computer’s operating system the exact process will vary. Easiest method is to click start and type ‘disk cleanup.’ Simply follow the questions and descriptions that follow.

• Defragment – Run your disk defragmenter to enable your computer to rearrange the fragmented data on your hard drive to ensure it can run optimally.

• Ensure No Viruses – Run your antivirus, antimalware and spyware scanners using the most in-depth scan. Give your computer the time to run and manage any items of concern.

• External Drive – Purchase an external hard drive or flash drive to back up your computer. With all your photo and video memories now existing primarily electronically, it is a requirement to have them backed up. Preset a reminder in Outlook (or comparable) to reload all your photos every 3 or 6 months. Simply copy over to your external drive and bring to work with you. In case there is ever an issue at your house where you lose your computer, it will be reassuring that you have those memories safe at another location. Also include copies of your resume and income tax records for safe keeping. Flash Drives are very inexpensive and can save a lot of files.

Physical Cleaning

Now that your devices are operating at a good speed, it’s time to make the images look good. Whether it is dust, grime, finger or dog nose prints on your screens, a deep cleaning every few months is a necessity:

• Screens – No matter the device (television, computer monitor, phone or tablet screen, etc.), dust with a dry microfiber cloth. For any smudges or marks either lightly dampen with water or mix a mild solution of soap and warm water. If using a spraying solution, do not spray directly on the device. Instead spray the cloth and wipe the device from there.

• Powerbar – In behind any desktop computer or television is a mix of cords and powerbars. A truly excellent spot for dog hair and dust to assemble. As it is not an easy location to sweep or vacuum, take the time to sort the cables and clean them with a damp cloth. Use a dry cloth to clean the powerbar as you don’t want a collection of debris near the receptacle outlets.

• Keyboards, Mice & Remotes – The space around device buttons are almost impossible to clean with any typical cleaning products. The best solution is sticky gels that do all the hard work for you. Simply squeeze and lift. The end result with amaze. If you do not have a sticky gel, use compressed air to blow out any sitting debris.

Additionally there are amazing preassembled cleaning kits that come with all the required tools for the trade. The only knowledge required is the type of screens that you have: LCD, LED, touchscreen, other, as not all cleaning products are good for all screen types. For LCD cleaning, the GreatShield kit below is an amazing deal and will leave your devices looking as if they are straight from the box.

There you have it, your devices will be running at a high speed, have maximum space to capture any exciting moments and be clear to watch back any videos.

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