9 Fun and Budgetwise Family Summer Activities

Here are 9 budget conscious choices for family fun summer activities to ensure a successful staycation!

As nothing brings more joy to school-aged kids than summer break. Nothing brings more planning to parents than finding day camps or babysitters to fill in these non-school days.

But rest assured, the first day of summer vacation, your kids will be asking ‘What are we doing today?’

Throughout the majority of Canada, summers come and go way too fast. For this, we need to make the most out of the heat. So how do you balance paying for summer camps and finding enjoyable ways to spend your time off together?

To find family growth and happiness on a summer’s day does not need to revolve around money. Sure, it would be great to afford a summer trip and warm winter vacation each year. But that is not reality for the majority of families.

No matter where you live, the following nine activity tips are available to all. And will ensure you don’t waste away any summer fun. Buckle up and enjoy your staycataion to the fullest.

1. FREE Does Exist

The ability to state an activity as ‘free’ is almost impossible. Everything will take effort or some gas or groceries to fulfill but these choices are as inexpensive as them come:

• Family Bike Rides – No better way to get out into the community than on a bike. You will be conscious of the environment plus spend some great family time getting exercise. Ensure to bring water and snack to avoid the potential additional expenses.

• Local Parks – If your kids are like mine, they may ask for an end destination for the bike ride. Why not visit a local park? You can travel with a frisbee and or simply visit the playground.

• Picnic – If you are good biking with a backpack, bring a blanket and sandwiches. Make a day out of combining some various free activities.

• Workshops – Many stores advertise free do-it-yourself activities. Our family really enjoys The Home Depot. Their staff is excellent with the kids and the workshops are always in season. Giving you more when you return home to hunt for insects for the new cage.

Summer ActivitiesSummer Activities

• Library – Even during the most well planned summer holidays, storms do run in. With Blockbuster long gone, libraries are an amazing resource. The endless choices of books, movies and video games will make your kids forget any rained out plans.

• Street Sports – Either running around on a whim or planning a tourney for the kids. The free sport choices are endless – street hockey, basketball, bocce ball, tennis, Frisbee golf, etc. Get some exercise while enjoying the fun. Ensure to check here for the various types of fun game activities: outdoor games and activities

• Splashpads / Sprinkler Fun – Whether in your yard with the neighbourhood kids or at the City’s splashpad, there are many ways to beat the heat.

Summer Activities

2. Beach Day

Step one to opening your pocket book a little is the great fun of a beach.

Pack your towels, sunscreen and smiles. Kids love building sand castles and being buried in the sand.

Packing a lunch and drinks from home will keep the costs down. The only main expenses will be the entry to the beach and the travel costs. Keep up to date with local free days for parks to save additional money.

If various paths are at the beach, either bring your bikes or walking shoes.  And make the most out of the day!

Summer Activities

3. Cheap Movie Options

Seeing the newest blockbuster in a theatre setting is expensive. Admission, drinks, popcorn, the cost is insane!

Typically most theatres do offer cheap deals on Tuesday’s or Sunday’s. But also, Cineplex has the terrific Family Favourite Series on Saturday mornings.

Two terrifc cost effective ways to watch a movie are:

• Backyard Movie – In 2018, at least one of your neighbours will have a projector at work that they can borrow. Set it up in the backyard against a fence or the house. Have the local kids over and enjoy a show.

• Community Outdoor Movies – Movies in the Park have become a staple in communities as of late. Free admission and a lot of fun!

4. Visit a Town

If you live in a larger city, keep track of the events in nearby towns. The amount of festivals, parades and activities are endless.

Summer Activities

You will again need to travel but you are supporting the town you visit. Most activities relate to the main business of the town, so your kids will get some education during the summer.

5. Fishing

If you have a rod and reel, you only need to get a license and bait.

Google `best casting fishing locations near me` and see the best place to head.

Just ensure one of your group is willing to touch the fish. Also, have a plan to either release the catches or how to transport and clean.

6. Bowling

If you need to beat the heat, no activity is as fun for kids or as easy on your pocket book as bowling. No matter the age, it is a fun time.

Sign up for Kids Bowl Free for some added savings.

7. Burger & Ice Cream

Winnipeg has an amazing selection of summer `window` hamburger restaurants. For a relatively cheap dinner and snack, take a bike ride down to a known local hot spot.

8. Sports, Museums and Kid Entertainment Centres

If anyone in your family works for a large size Corporation, ask them to keep an eye out for deals. Most companies sell discounted entries to various locations.

No need to pay full price but keep track of discount days.

The choices are endless. Also, no need to watch professional league games if the minors are in town. Or take in a university game for more bang for your buck.

My wife and I know our kids are more interested in getting popcorn than the game. And making it past halftime is hard on younger kids. So play out the potential outcomes before buying tickets.

The ability to come and go from sports events is dwindling. But if you do find a place that allows, we have bought two tickets in the past in lieu of four. At the half way point, we simply swap in and out with one of our kids so that we all see the game but know neither child would last the entire time.

9. Home Time

Whether it`s a board game night or setting up a home spa. Allow the kids to choose what they want.

If they want to paint your fingernails or watch old family movies, the choices are endless.

If you are looking for some terrific family friendly board games, please see this article: Games that Teach – Cooperative Games

Whatever you do on summer vacation, give the options and decide as a family. No matter the cost, buy-in from all family members will make the difference.

Memorable moments are not based on how much you spent on your children, rather on the laughter and happiness you spent together.  Just ensure you have your phone to capture the moments!

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  1. Wonderful ideas. With little or no cost involved, it becomes easier to leave if anyone becomes tired

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