Gift Guide for 11 Year Olds – 2018

Here is a list of toys, games and books that you can buy for the 11 year old child in your life. These toys will be a hit with the parents and will be played with for years to come.

Tie Dye Kits

These tie dye kits allow kids to design their own clothing. This is a fun and creative activity that allows kids and teens to explore their own style.

National Geographic Science Kits

As a parent, I love these science kits because they are educational, exciting and are generally used 1-2 times and then done (and not cluttering my house!). National Geographic has multiple types of kits – Volcano, Crystal lab, Dino Fossil, Meteorite, Gemstone which you can find following this link.

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National Geographic Mega Slime and Putty Lab

Slime and putty are huge right now!! This kit has 8 different varieties of slime and putty for kids to explore – like magnetic putty, glow-in-the-dark putty and DIY slime lab.

Ukulele beginner set

The small size and pleasing sound of a ukulele makes it a great introductory instrument for kids wanting to learn to play strings.

Ladder ball set

Ladderball is fun, portable, and easy to learn and play for all ages. Ideal for outside setup, it could also work in larger indoor spaces.

Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line

Oh man I want this item for myself and my kids! Learn to walk the tightrope which is so fun and builds balance, coordination, core strength and leg strength. All that is needed is two trees or two posts to set up the line (sets up in 10 minutes so can be taken to a park!).

Gravitrax Marble Run and Stem Toy

An innovative marble run made with high quality components. Fully customizable to allow for personalized design and building allowing for experimenting with gravity, magnetism and kinetics to propel the marble.

littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Kids can become their own Super Hero by building and customizing their high-tech hero gear and unique identify with littleBits electronic blocks. Great STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematic) skills are utilized in this kit.

Laser Tag game set

Laser tag is a great alternative to Nerf guns if you don’t like flying projectiles in your home. The kids get the same thrill of running, playing, hiding. Amp it up by playing in the dark. You can connect headphones for a music sound track as you play.


Osmo is an Ipad based game that allows your kids to use manipulatives that interact with the screen. Each physical activity helps build visual processing, problem solving and hand-eye coordination.

Vivofit Jr. Activity Tracker

Like most activity trackers, the Vivofit Jr. does a good job of tracking steps, active minutes, and sleep patterns. What sets it apart from the others is the app integration and extra features. Being able to set up a chore list and then reward completed tasks with “coins” that appear directly on their wrist is a unique way to approach allowance and money management.

Castle Panic

A great starter game for kids who are interested in getting into some more complex and strategic board games. Castle Panic is a cooperative experience, meaning players are working together to defeat the enemies rather than trying to defeat each other. Like most cooperative games, it can be quite difficult, so working as a team and carefully planning your next move is crucial to success. It’s also a ton of fun for adult players too, so playing as a family is a blast.


Fun, fast-paced game involving patterning, spatial /visual awareness, and team work.

Lego Marvel Superheroes 1 & 2

Unlike most Lego video games, the Lego Marvel Superheroes games don’t end when the story is done. Instead they encourage exploration and discovery by challenging players to complete extra quests and find collectibles in order to unlock more playable characters. This open world variation on the classic Lego game definitely increases replayablity and value.

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Build a great piece of Harry Potter which features Hogwarts Great Hall with banners, tower with movable spiral staircase, potion room and treasure room.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Book Series

Anyone looking for a book series that allows your young reader to explore norse mythology while continuing to build their reading skills should check this series out. There are three books in the set, and each one builds upon the complex and exciting 9 worlds of norse mythology. These books present a nice alternative to kids who may be ready to move on to something a little “higher level” in regards to their reading content.

PowerLocus Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Foldable Headphones

These are portable and foldable with a carrying case. This is a necessity for all teenagers! Pair it up with a gift card to the Apple or Android store.

Gratitude Journal

Appreciate the goodness in life with this gratitude journal. Allows for reflection and creativity through writing and drawing.

Creative Whack Ball of Whacks

This ball of magnetic pieces is soothing to handle, build with, and manipulate. Challenge yourself to create different shapes, or build free-form.

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Lisa Crane

Lisa Crane is a mother to two kids, an Occupational Therapist and a seeker of balance in life!

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