Top 15 Places to Meet New Friends

Life is full of changes, whether it is relocating to a new city, having a change of interests or your children entering an older age with different needs. The fallout from these changes can be minor or it can create a void in your friend department.

But don’t fret as there are many opportunities to meet new people. Below is a list of the top 15 places to meet new friends who relate to you.

Investing your time and effort at places that involve your true interests is important as the people you meet will have common goals. Utilizing your knowledge and strengths to display who you are is also much easier when in situations that you support. Here are the 5 steps to making friends

1. Neighbours

No better place to start than around your own house. Out of all the people that live near you, there will be many that have children with similar ages to yours and also people who share the same interests, sports team support and other community interests.

Understanding that knocking on a door to gauge friendship level is difficult, so start small. Go on walks, join your kids at the local parks and if you have play dates for your children, invite the parents in for a coffee while the kids finish playing. Be open and engage discussions and you will quickly find many neighbours that you get along with.

2. Volunteer at a Community Centre

An excellent chance to meet friends and give back to your community. Every community centre I have been involved with has required more volunteers. Donate some time to the sports that interest you and as per the above, engage in some conversations.

New Friends
Volunteering to coach gives back to the community & opportunities to meet other parents

3. Co Workers

Having an office besides someone does not necessarily mean you share any other common interests but there is no harm in finding out. Try to minimize the water cooler chatter when engaging in life discussions.

4. Big Company Opportunities

A bonus to working at a large company is the many opportunities to meet others. My Corporation offers many options over lunch hour; these include workouts, Lunch and Learns or Toastmasters.  Sign up for the sessions that interest you and see how many other co-workers share those similar interests.

5. Work Associations

There are also associations and committees that cover many different topics in which you can spend your time assisting and finding others with shared interests.

6. Seminars

Why not increase your knowledge base and meet others. There are numerous seminars and conferences in every city all year round. As an electrical engineer, I follow the postings from The Electricity Forum and EPIC for topics that will assist me at work and to network.

Networking is a terrific function as you can meet peers who you can turn to for ideas or answers in the future in addition to meeting others who you may have mutual interests outside of work.

7. Join the Board of an Important Charity or Group

Volunteering by itself is a great way to give back to your community. Making others smile or making the day easier for others is fantastic.

Meeting new people who are outgoing is a great way to meet friends. And you do not even need to look past your kids’ school. Invest time with the Parent Advisory Council at their school and meet other parents with children that are similar age to your family.

8. Learn New Things

Networking and growing does not need to only be for work advancement. Go out and learn how to do something you have been meaning to make time for. Whether it is dancing lessons, boxing, cooking, get out there and mingle. Try this exercise to find a new activity. 

9. Book Club

A quick Google search of your city and ‘book club’ will bring up numerous options. If reading is your thing and you want to share your interest of talking about the topics, this is a fantastic outlet.

Let the friendships grow while at the club meetings and see who you share interests with.

10. Gyms

This may be tough for some. I for one do not go to the gym to talk but it all depends on the type of gym you choose.

Signing up for a circuit style gym may allow for more dialog in between sets. But sharing a conversation either before or after a class is a must if you want to meet others who share the need for fitness.

11. Dog Parks

Must love dogs? Then hit up the dog parks and strike up some conversations. Off leash parks are a great place to take a leisurely walk and meet others who enjoy spending time outdoors and time with dogs.

New Friends
Summer or Winter, hit up the dog parks.

12. Sporting Events

Grab some tickets to your team of choice. If it is football, soccer or any outdoor sport, head to the parking lot early for some tailgating. Enjoy the socialization and cook up some food for others to enjoy.

13. Pubs

Dependent on your age and common interests that are important, this could be a pub to meet peers who cheer on the same team as you or a nightclub where burning the midnight oil is more your cup of tea.

14. Religion

If faith is an important component to your life, then there is likely no better place to meet new acquaintances than your church. There are churches that offer a range of activities that will help you meet people. 


I have no personal experience using but I have read nothing but positive reviews. Taking a glance for my city, there are many events listed for almost every night of the week.

No matter what feels right to you, there are numerous ways to meet new people who share common interests and goals. So put yourself out there and meet some new people.

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