Top Ideas for Non Toy Holiday Gifts

Before having kids, my wife and I were certain that we would not have a household where we were overrun by un-needed toys. Then came the first holiday season when our kids were three and one years old. Sitting back, looking at the pile of unrecyclable toys, we felt sick to our stomach. From that year forward, we have made decisions on how to incorporate non toy holiday gifts into our lives.

There are many ways to augment the craziness that is the holidays for kids. Each November we start our purge. We sort through the kid’s closets and the basement toy area. Donating anything to those less fortunate or discussing with the kids the option to sell some items for them to save for a new wanted toy.

But the best option is to have the kids include non toy gift ideas in the ‘wish list’ each year. Discussing the options available beforehand is a great way to implant that action figures, video games and the like are not the full extent of options. Below please find the top holiday non toy gift ideas for kids.


Memberships to the Zoo or Museums
What is more fun for a family than a day at the zoo or museum? The one hardship that comes up when planning a day trip is the cost. How nice would it be for the entry fee to be zero each time you go? Then the amount of visits can increase and you won’t feel the need to stay from open to close.

Passes to Any Kids Park
Living in the prairies in Canada brings long winters. Finding ways for your kids to burn off their energy on weekends is difficult. Providing entry passes to any of the large number of trampoline parks or laser zones will make everyone happy. Or bring them to the park and get to spend time with them.

Family Classes to Paint or Cook
If your kids have a keen interest in cooking or the arts, providing this outlet is a terrific gift.

Music Instrument and Lessons
Learning music is very beneficial to children. Buying a keyboard or acoustic guitar with a few lessons will make any musically inclined kids happy.

Tickets to Concerts, Sports Games or Shows
All kids are into something. Just find the best fit. Whether it be a hockey, football, musical group or theatre, buying tickets with the plan of a dinner before hand is a great family night out.

Non Toy Gift Ideas
Sports Tickets & Gear

Mini Vacations at a Hotel for a Night
If you have many siblings who buy presents for each other’s kids, why not nominate the idea of each family booking a hotel room for a night or weekend? Having the kids together playing and swimming is much more fun than a toy that is forgotten about.

Supplies to Paint their Bedroom
Family paint nights…you need to ensure enough drop clothes are put down but they can be a lot of fun. How often can your kids paint on the walls?

Sports Equipment – Basketball Net, Hockey Net
Promotes activity and family time.


Supplies for the Beach, Swimming, Hiking or Camping
This will likely require purchasing presents out of season but why not fill some needs rather than wants.

Board Games
There are so many options for board games that are enjoyable by all.

Magazine Subscriptions
Promotes reading and fun. There are options for all age groups.

Non Toy Gift Ideas
Learning While Playing

STEM Learning Sets
I love the STEM options for kids. I really do not think they kids even realize that they are learning so much while playing.

Telescope or Microscope
If your kids like to look at the stars or see objects very close up, this is another great way to promote STEM learning.

Tools for Planting a Garden
Many kids have green thumbs and enjoy the outdoors.

Art Supplies
Let the creativity flow.

Non Toy Gift Ideas
Pottery Wheel for Kids

Typically the most unwanted of all gifts for kids. Ensure it represents who they are. Whether it be a sporting team apparel or a certain brand.

Personal Kitchen Tools or Hand Tools
Providing a saw and hammer that is strictly your kids, will make them happy they don’t need to use their parents. Add it with a kit to assemble a bird cage or other options.

Allow your kids to personalize their rooms by choosing new bedding or curtains.

Sewing Machine
The abilities that young kids have on sewing machines are unbelievable. Add in some fabric and you have fun for hours.


Deliver a Hamper or any Donation
Especially during the holiday season, there are many options on helping others. And having your kids partake is a great way to show them the needs of a successful community.

Overall there are as many non toy gift options for kids as actual toys. Additionally, you never have to worry about missing out on the hot item.

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