Games That Teach – Stone Age

Front Cover Stone Age game

About a year and a half ago, a friend of mine turned me on to something that has changed not only how I spend my time, but my money as well. He introduced me to the previously unknown world of board games. When I was growing up, I played video games – a lot. My friends and I would run marathon sessions of whatever hot game was out at the time and I remember spending what little money I had on new consoles and games. Even though I loved video games, board games never really struck a chord with me.

My experiences with these types of games usually revolved around classics like Monopoly or Scrabble and to be honest, they just weren’t as intriguing or exciting as video games. As a result of limited exposure to games that never really interested me, I assumed that board games just weren’t for me. Wow, was I wrong!

Front Cover Stone Age game

Once I got a taste of what board games had to offer, I was hooked. I soon learned that these games were not only fun, but they were rich with themes, stories, mechanics, and strategies. As I began to sink more time and, thanks to my wife’s infinite understanding, money into this hobby, I realized that playing these types of games with my children could provide us with not only a lot of fun, but also a lot of educational value.  Continue reading “Games That Teach – Stone Age”

Your ticket to the granola council

Homemade granola with yogurt and cranberries and gingerHave you ever been asked “how crunchy are you?” Maybe you took a quiz or scored yourself. Maybe it made you wonder how hard it is to make actual granola? You definitely do not need to be a card carrying member of the cloth diapering-extended breastfeeding-kombucha making-baby led weaning-babywearing-coconut-oil-using clan to quickly and easily master this delicious granola recipe. (Side note – choosing to do those things is awesome, and choosing not to do those things is also awesome. Other side note – this recipe does involve coconut oil.)

If you like a wee bit of granola on your yogurt, or a lot of granola with a dollop of yogurt or splash of milk, or a sprinkling on your ice cream, and if you have a half hour to spare once a week or so, then this recipe is for you. My husband eats a lot of this granola and I make a batch at least weekly. Prepare yourself.

If you like to know what goes into your food and control the amount of sugar, then this recipe is for you.

If your kids like to take cereal to school but you want their lunch to be low sugar, nutrient-dense and also nut free, then yay! This recipe is for you!

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The Simple Recipe for Building Independence

It’s that part of the morning when the minutes are chasing you down and you are almost out the door. You are helping your youngest get her jacket, mittens, toque and boots on while your oldest gets his on by himself, thank goodness!  

Problem solving with kids

But just when you start to think about opening the door and scooting them outside, it starts… the frustrated sounds that will soon lead to anger and a melt down because your son can’t get his winter boots on without the lining getting squished down under his foot.

Now you will need to calm him down while you straighten the liner and hold it in place so he can push his foot into the boot. Ugh…you know this has been a reoccurring problem, it doesn’t matter how many times you show him how to do it, it’s just a little too hard for him to do by himself. Continue reading “The Simple Recipe for Building Independence”

Simplify Spring Cleaning with Planning – Tips & Insight

The slow melt of a Canadian winter is in full swing and instantly across the country windows are being opened to let in some much needed fresh air.

Don’t let the thought of spring cleaning overwhelm you! Below are some much needed steps to simplify the tasks to help obtain you goals.
Kids Be Gone

Set up a playdate or ask a grandparent to provide some much needed assistance. Nothing will make you throw your arms in air more than the feeling of completing a cleaning task to only find out your children have created two new ones for you.

Kids are not meant to be organized, so plan ahead and have an outing planned for them instead. A movie, lunch or sleepover will do wonders for being able to fully engage at the task at hand.  Continue reading “Simplify Spring Cleaning with Planning – Tips & Insight”

Mother’s Day Planner Printable

Mother’s day is a celebration of the mothers in your life. This could be your mother, the mother to your kids, the mother to your grandkids or any other mother that needs celebrating. Us moms just want a day to relax, spend some quality time together and know that our family appreciate us. If you’re the one searching for this, you will likely be the person to arrange all this. With this planner, it’ll be easier than you think! Try to involve the kids so that they feel the pride of planning a special day for their mother.


Spend Time Together

This day is about spending time as a family, having fun and being relaxed. It’s up to you to figure out the best way for this to happen. Don’t over plan the day but pick 1-3 of the activities listed below to make it a memorable day.  Make sure to take the time to sit and enjoy everyone’s company. My husband allows each kid to pick one activity to do as a family and plans that with that child.  Continue reading “Mother’s Day Planner Printable”