Printable Upper Case Letters and Numbers

I had a hard time incorporating learning into my activities when the kids were younger. Heck, I still do now that I think about it. One summer, I vowed that I would get a jump on the school year and I printed out letters and numbers. I then incorporated them into some activities that we were doing already (ie throwing a ball, balancing on one foot, jumping, etc). Some times I would just put them on the ground and the kids made up their own games. I felt like an all-star even though it took very little effort!

Here are some printable letters and numbers that you can use so you can also feel like an all-star! They are a simple black on white design for easy printing.  Below are some ideas of how you can incorporate it.

Click here for Printable Upper Case  Letters and Numbers


When starting off, just choose a few letters or numbers to  do these activities with. Over time, add in new letters or numbers. 

Matching – Print off two sets and play a game of matching on the floor.

Jumping/Hopping – Place the printouts on the floor. Depending on the age of the child, ask them to jump (easier) or hop on one leg (more difficult) to a letter or number you call out. Be careful – there is a potential for slips on this one depending on the floor type you have.

Twister – Same idea as above but the kids use their arms and legs on the letters/numbers. You call out the numbers and letters which you can place them in a position that will work on their core and arm strength. Think downward dog, crab, plank, squat positions!

Target Practice – Put these print outs on the floor or wall. Use a bean bag or a ball or a small stuffed animal to aim for a specific letter or number. When the child gets the letter and number correct and they hit it, you can take it away.

Play Dough Letters and Numbers – Have your child make the letters and numbers by placing the play dough on the pieces of paper. Then have them trace it with their finger for tactile learning.

Letter Search – Pick one letter and then go around the house finding that letter. This will help your kids understand that there are different ways to write the same letter.

Spelling – Have them spell out their name. My kids always loved to spell out Mom and Dad and their friends’ names. This is a great way for them to search for the letter and start putting sounds together. You may need multiples of some letters for this.

Find the Sounds – Sound out the letter and ask your child to find the letter. This is a great starter to reading.

Math Games – Try some addition or subtraction once your kid knows the numbers.

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Lisa Crane

Lisa Crane is a mother to two kids, an Occupational Therapist and a seeker of balance in life!

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