Spring Cleaning Made Easy – Tips & Insight

Now that you have freed your house of the winter clutter,  it is time to make your house shine in the Spring sun.  This article includes room-by-room steps for Spring Cleaning your entire house and yard.

Instantly transform your house by utilizing the following tips:


Nobody wants to initiate a task only to realize that they need to run to the store to buy a needed product.

Create a list of needed materials to perform all your spring cleaning chores. Please see the printable below for a detailed list of potential products required. Check out some Cleaning Tools and Household Cleaners that will make your life easier!cleaning supplies

Also, plan the order of your tasks. Don`t clean the floors before dusting as you will need to clean the floors again. The best rule of thumb is to always work from the top down. Start on the top floor on the ceiling and work down to the floor.


It is also a good strategy to shutoff the furnace fan while cleaning to minimize the risk of circulating any dust particles and to have your vacuum emptied & brush roll cleaned of any hair and string.

General Cleaning

• Ceiling – Remember to work top down. Bring out the step stool and vacuum with attachments. Safely reach up and remove all the dust bunnies and spider webs that have collected over the winter.

• Light Fixtures – For any ceiling mount lights, if possible, remove the glass portion and thoroughly clean with soap and water. Dust off with a damp fabric cloth the inside of the fixture including the bulb. For any table top lights, ensure to clean the lampshade. For dust use the vacuum upholstery brush and for a deep clean use warm water and soap. Additionally, you have a chance to add light. Look into investing in new LED lamps for your lights. You will see an energy savings and a surprisingly nice, bright illumination from your fixtures.

• Window Blinds – Each set of blinds will have a drastically different approach to cleaning depending on the product. For any fabric drapes, follow the tag and either wash in the washing machine or hand wash. For slats, either spread out in place or remove individually. Wash with a soft cloth dipped in lightly soapy water. Rinse with a second wet cloth.

• Interior Windows – If your household includes toddlers or dogs, the numerous nose and hand prints need removal. There are many excellent options to cleaning windows including mixing equal parts hot water and vinegar.

• Doors, Trim & Knobs – Warm water and soap to clean up your doors. Ensure to dust the top of the door trim as it will have a collection of dust and webs.

• Thermostats, Alarm Controls & Receptacles – Dust and wash any devices mounted to the walls that pose a collection of dust. Don’t forget to clean around picture frames and smoke detectors!

• Walls – Fingerprints everywhere are visible once the sun shines. Attempt to clean with water. If it is not strong enough, attempt to mix in some dishwashing soap. Remember to wash off the soap after applying it.

• Surfaces – Any countertops, cabinets, televisions, etc…dust wipes or use a damp fabric cloth.

• Vents & Grilles – Return Air Vents appear to be mostly on houses to collect dog hair, dust and small child toys. Remove all vent covers and use a vacuum attachment to clean deep down. Even use a shop vac if you have to get some added depth clean. Use water and soap to clean grills.

• Flooring – If you have carpets, a recommendation to rent a carpet cleaner. The cost for a one day rental is minimal and the amount of dark water that is sucked up is amazing. For hard woods, properly clean and use a hard floor cleaner to give it a shine. Remember to relocate all furniture to clean the floor in spots that have not been touched in months. If you have carpet, attempt to reposition your furniture at least quarterly each year to avoid ‘divots’ in your carpet.

• Baseboards – Time to get down to floor level. If you have carpet, nothing will clean the corners where the baseboards meet the carpet. Get a damp cloth and run across the length of the floor at the bottom of the baseboard. The amount of hair that you will collect will question why you don’t do it more often.

• Dishwasher – Any lingering smells from the dishwasher? Best to examine the bottom of the dishwasher for any food particles. Remove the bottom rack and clean out any noticeable stuff. Next, fill a dishwasher safe container with vinegar and place on the top rack. Run a cycle completely empty except for the vinegar. Lastly, put a cup full of baking soda into the base of the dishwasher and let it run on a short cycle.

• Oven – If your oven has a self cleaning function, Done! If not, time to put on your rubber gloves and pull out the oven cleaning product.

• Microwave – Time to get the shine back into the microwave. Remove the glass bottom and wash in your dishwasher. Warm water, soap, a fabric cloth and a lot of elbow grease. Don’t forget to look at all sides inside the microwave, as there always seems to be some food marks hiding somewhere.

• Garbage Can – Remove the bag and take out the container. Depending on how dirty the can is, either clean down with soap and water or bring outside to clean with the hose.

• Sink & Drain – For stainless steel sinks, wash and rinse away any marks and food particles. Cover your sink with baking soda and gently clean with a soft sponge. Once completed, rinse with vinegar and then rinse with a clean sponge and water. This will leave your sink shiny and drain spelling clean.

• Fridge – Before cleaning the inside of your fridge. Best to de-clutter. Time to recycle the salad dressing container that is two years past its prime. Next remove each shelf and drawer one at a time. Wash with soap and water and ensure it properly dries before returning into the fridge. For the freezer, again be amazed by prepared meals that you froze five years earlier and de-clutter the freezer. If your freezer makes ice, grab a bucket and empty.

• Stainless Steel & Oven Top – With the interiors of your appliances clean, now tackle the exterior. Utilize the proper stainless steel and ceramic stovetop cleaners to make your kitchen look like new.

• Cupboards – Lastly, don’t forget to shine up the kitchen cupboards. If wood, use the proper wood spray cleaner.

Living Rooms
• Furniture – Remove all cushions to see if you have enough pocket change to get a free coffee. Use the proper vacuum attachments to clean away all food crumbs. Continue to vacuum the top of the seat cushions and use a damp fabric cloth to remove any marks.

• Ceiling Fans – Another need for a step stool and vacuum attachment. If not available, use a duster to clean away to the collection of dust on the top half of the blades.

• Bedding – Remove all bedding and wash.

• Mattress – Rotate the mattress to avoid sags in the coils. Repeat this quarterly each year.

• Toilets – Give all your toilets a typically good interior scrub and use a cloth soaked in hot water and soap to clean the outside and base.

• Shower Curtains – Remove off the rack and clean as directed on the label, depending on material. Use a mildew remover to clean the interior plastic liner.

• Shower or Tub – Either use a tub cleaner or use hot water and vinegar to bring back the shine.

• Under Sink – Remove all gathered products and cleanout the cupboard. Properly dispose of any expired medicines or products.

Organize Under Bathroom Sink

Entry Ways
• Entry Rugs – Shake off the winter rocks and stones and put through a gentle wash cycle.

• Shoes – Gather all the winter boots and put in a good storage location. Break out the sandals and flip flops but give your shoe closet a good floor cleaning before refilling it with summer gear.

Laundry Room
• Washer – On a front loader, mix equal parts ¼ cup water and baking soda and put into your detergent container location on your tub. Put 2 cups of vinegar into the drum portion and put on your machine for a hot water typical setting. Once completed, take a cloth and scrub off any residue spots.

• Dryer – Remove and empty the lint trap and use a dry cloth to wipe clean. Remove the exhaust duct from the rear of the dryer and vacuum out any debris or lint within. Wipe down the exterior of the machine to clean.

Furnace Room
• Deep Freeze – Remove all food and examine the base of the freezer for ice buildup. If it is substantial, relocate the frozen food to the refrigerator and thaw the deep freeze. Dispose of any freezer burnt food.

• Furnace Filter – Remove the filter and if a disposal type, replace. If a higher end, perform cleaning as noted. Typically, I utilize a vacuum to clean the loose particles off and then use the water hose to wash away and remnants. Allow time to dry before reinstalling.


• Exterior Windows – Last but not least, with the interior of your house ready to shine, nothing offsets the warm sunrays coming into your home than the dirt and grime that formed on the windows over the winter. Bring the step ladder, window cleaner and cloth to outside and let those windows sparkle.

More in depth yard cleanup to come later but for now, we only need a clean house. The thawing dog poop will need to be scooped up another day.

Checklist for Home Spring Cleaning
Click on Checklist to open and print!


With your house as clean as could be, the next step is to keep it clean. My best advice is to delegate these tasks. Three efficient ways are:
• Air Purifier – This amazing product will keep contaminants from the air and is easy to relocate to different rooms or floors within your house.

• Robotic Vacuum – An autonomous device that will keep your house tidy even when you are away. Many different models exist that can be easily matched to any budget and family requirements (pets).

• High Quality Furnace Filter – The initial cost may be 2 or 3 times that of a regular replaceable unit but after a few years, it pays for itself. Add in the cleaner air that your family will be breathing in; it is worth the few extra dollars. Here is a list of Furnace Filters

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