Standout Salad Dressing

salad and salad dressingAre you stuck in a salad dressing rut? Whether you buy bottled dressing or make your own be sure to give this one a try. Standout salad dressing keeps in the fridge for quite some time, mixes up in minutes (the resident 7 year old likes to have this as her job), and beautifully complements any salad I make.

Pro tip: repurpose Frank’s Red Hot sauce bottles for spectacular salad dressing application. No more wasted lakes of salad dressing on your kid’s plate!

salad dressing hot sauce lidFrank’s bottles come in a different sizes and the regular hot sauce has the flip top cap with shaker spout. Other sauces such as Buffalo may not, so stick with the standard if that’s the lid you need. Dollarama has tiny ones that are great for camping and travel. Obviously you should eat the hot sauce first – try it directly applied to wedges of avocado, or straight onto a hard boiled egg. The lids do well in the dishwasher, but the bottle may need some scrubbing with a bottle brush depending on your dishwasher.

I digress. The point of this was for the best ever, all purpose standout salad dressing recipe. So here we go. If these aren’t ingredients you usually have kicking around you can substitute, but of course the flavour will change. But that’s a delightful side effect of cooking, happy experimentation!

Standout Salad Dressing

6 Tbsp avocado oil (light, mild, and does not harden in the fridge, widely available at Costco)

2 Tbsp Dijon mustard

2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

2 Tbsp red wine vinegar

1 Tbsp maple syrup

Salt and pepper to taste

Makes just over ¾ cup of dressing, so choose a vessel of a suitable size. Double or triple the recipe easily to fill up a hot sauce bottle of your choice.

Combine all ingredients and shake well to combine. The mustard is somewhat prone to clumping, so watch for unpleasant gobs of it, and shake some more. I make this right in my hot sauce bottle, using a funnel to minimize mess. I try to remember to add the oil first, lubricating the funnel in the hopes that the mustard will then slide down the gullet and into the bottle. If I forget then I’ve been known to poke it through with a straw or a skewer. 

Keep refrigerated, and apply sparingly, or generously, to any salad. The hint of sweetness goes nicely with pungent cheese, but isn’t too sweet for salads with fruit already a part of them.

Standout salad dressing recipe
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Sometimes my kids will grab this dressing for cooked vegetables too, particularly roasted broccoli with nutritional yeast. Yum.

Frank's hot sauce bottle maple syrup

Pro tip: repurpose more Frank’s bottles for other things too! Whether we make our own maple syrup or buy it from Costco, it always gets poured into a Frank’s bottle before it is consumed. The shaker lid means kids can apply their own without you watching the dollar signs rack up as they dole it out on their pancakes.

Other uses currently in my house: bottled lime juice for easy application to gin and soda, or my current favourite, Moscow Mule.

hot sauce bottles for food

I have a mini Frank’s bottle in my bathroom! I haven’t used soap or harsh cleaner on my face in years, instead going for the oil cleansing method. I pre-mix my oils (castor and jojoba) in a mini Frank’s bottle and shake out a few drops at a time.

There’s a lot of Frank’s love in this house. Salads too. Of all kinds. But we keep coming back to this recipe no matter how many others we try. Enjoy!

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