School Year-End Checklist

There is a common misconception amongst parents and students that when it comes to school, June is a write off. While I can’t argue that things definitely start to slow down during the last month of school, I still think that looking at June as a time-filler/killer isn’t the best habit to get into.

As students get older, the demands in June often get larger as they will soon begin to write exams and be required to complete year end assignments and projects. Quite often, these assessments are weighted quite heavily, so performing well on them is key to receiving a good grade. It is because of these increased expectations that I think its important that we don’t get into the habit of treating the month of June as a bridge to summer vacation.

Instead, June can be seen as a transitional period that allows students to look back and reflect on their school year while at the same time, look forward to next. As parents, we can help them to do this by providing some guidance and support in a few different areas.

1 – Help them to Reflect

Often times we start looking ahead way too quickly and forget about what our children have learned over the past ten months of school. While it is exciting to find out whose class your child will be in next year and which friends they’ll be with, we can’t forget to spend some time celebrating our child’s successes from the past year.

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Back to School Lunch Planning, Getting Kids to Help!

I don’t know what it is about making school lunches that seems like such a chore, but some days I just dread doing it. Once they are made and in the fridge (always the night before) I feel so accomplished. My kids are not big on left overs, so I have learned, and they prefer a bunch of small things rather than a few main food items. They call it a “snacky lunch”… So then I found myself  trying  to pack a million different Tupperware containers to hold it all in a zipper lunch bag that needed to be the size of their back packs.

My First Good Decision

I did myself a favor and purchased lunch boxes that would make my job easier. YUMBOX lunch box containers are amazing.

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