Egg Cups

If your busy family is like mine, you are always looking for nutritious foods to eat on the go. Sometimes you find a winner, but then your kids decide abruptly that they don’t like that old standby any more, and then what?! And then your spouse changes their work and workout routine and all of a sudden is eating a ridiculous amount of protein. The co-workers don’t enjoy the sensory experience that comes with a person eating a large quantity of hard boiled eggs every day.

Behold…egg cups. I was hunting around for something that would do triple duty for the kids’ lunches, my spouse’s need for a second breakfast on-the-go after a workout, and a quick protein snack for me. I couldn’t find quite what I was after, so I invented it. The tricky part for me is making one thing that everyone likes. Even if I find that, it has to be simple, because I don’t do fussy cooking. But egg cups? Nailed it.

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Milk Fluffy

While I was busy writing up the Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies post and deciding what hot drink I would enjoy with my freshly baked treats I was chatting with my kids about what flavours they liked best with theirs.

My oldest, with a sweet tooth, said hot chocolate right away, and I was leaning toward a latté or a coffee, but my youngest reminded me that a fluffy should be the obvious choice. She was so right! And I was reminded about how often we drank them when they were little, but that they’re not just for little people. Sometimes I want a warm drink and am coffeed out, so a fluffy is just the thing.

chewy ginger molasses cookies and mugs
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Nameless No Bake Chocolate Circles

Nameless Chocolate on a plateWe don’t really have a name for these in our house. They’re referred to as “those chocolate things you make” or “chocolate circles” which belies their amazing deliciousness. You might think they’re like homemade Reece’s peanut butter cups, but you would be wrong. These are so much better.

They’re super easy to make, provided you have silicone mini muffin pans, and probably easy even if you don’t have them, but I’ve never tried. I love my silicone muffin panseven for muffins.  These are no-bake, although some brief heating on the stove is required. 

Nameless Chocolate is melt in the mouth smooth. It’s salty. It’s chocolately. It pairs nicely with your favourite red wine (although really, what doesn’t?)

It goes from inkling of a chocolate craving to in your mouth in 30 minutes or less.

I give you…Nameless Chocolate.

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