Time for Yourself

Far too often in our busy lives we forget what is really important.  The fulfillment that comes from finding time for yourself is as important to ensuring the quality of life for your family.

Of course we need to focus on work to maintain our income and other than the Saturday morning 7am hockey games; we enjoy watching our children play various sports.

But through all the endless requirements, we often neglect our own needs.

There are many nights where after a full day’s worth of work, a baseball & soccer game and prepping for tomorrow…we turn around and see that it is already 9pm! Maybe time for a quick show and then off to bed for a repeat occurrence.

When this type of lifestyle becomes far too typical, we lose sight of what makes ourselves truly happy.

By following these tips, you will ensure that you make time for yourself.

Be Kind, Rewind

Positive outlets for our life stress is a need.

Without it, the worst case could be built up frustration.  If we do not take time for ourselves and the wrong event occurs, it could unleash this resentment.

Whether you enjoy time to meditate, hitting up the gym or, heck, even visiting your chiropractor for some quiet time; you need to fit it into your schedule.

It doesn’t need to be daily and it doesn’t need to be for endless hours. Just enough time to remember who you are and to refresh your battery.

Family Time is Still Important

Family events and work tasks typically drive your overall life schedule. So, in no means should we neglect these aspects to focus on ourselves.

Time for Yourself
Maintain & Respect Family Time

Instead we simply need to find ways to make time without harming other facets of our lives. Individual passions need to be thought of and included within decisions we make regarding time and efforts.

Divide and Conquer

A great way to create more time is to divide parental responsibilities with our partners or if you have a young family, initiate chore expectancies with your children.

In my household, most sporting events and out of house chores (i.e. grocery shopping) are typically done as a family. It is nice to teach the kids about selecting healthy foods but noting the various price points and sales as learning opportunities. But on busy weekends or days where either my wife or I need time to ourselves, this is an excellent opportunity to split the responsibilities.

Also, your kids will always enjoy you watching their activities but they are smart and understand if you cannot make it to every game and practice. If you are lucky enough to have parents that enjoy watching their grandchildren, request them to take the kids one night giving you and your partner a night off.

Use Your Words

Almost on a daily basis we reiterate to our kids that they need to use their words. Don’t bottle things up and don’t keep to themselves.

Unfortunately, as adults, we may lose focus on this for our own health. If you feel warn out and need a few minutes to collect your thoughts or if you need an hour or two to realign, then you need to talk it out. It may not be apparent to your family that your bucket is empty and needs refilling.

Know What You Like

All of us are different. And knowing what makes you tick and be fulfilled can be a difficult task.

What I enjoyed in high school, stayed in high school (thank goodness). Then I followed the ‘typical’ path of finding enjoyment in activities in being a couple, then married, and then as a family.

Only recently have our preschoolers become self sufficient grade-schoolers.  No longer do they need mom or dad to fulfill their needs. Give them a choice and they are out on their bikes or scooters with as many neighbours as possible.

This creates additional time for me but how do I use this time? Do you simply clean the house, prepare lunches for the week or can you fit in some fulfillment activities.

To some, they typically enjoy independent activities but some enjoy time with friends or even with the whole extended family.

Big or Small

Set a priority of you being happy. Whether that means taking time to enjoy a walk in the morning or evening or reading a book with no distractions after the kids are in bed, it is important to know.

If walking is a stress release for you and you have a dog, be sure to request the task of walking the dog. Any way you can maximize the output of a situation the better.

Time for Yourself
Small or Big, Find The Time

Similarly, if listening to music, podcasts or audio books is a passion, ensure you have you smart device loaded.  Then anytime you need to commute to work, you have an outlet.

On the bigger sides of things, creating a bucket list / life list is a great way to know what you want out of life.

Allowing yourself to find time and activities that fill your heart is as critical to ensuring your family is healthy and happy.  You never need to feel guilty about needing me time.  Your family will respect your needs and be happy with you being truly fulfilled.

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Michael Page studied electrical engineering and is currently a project manager for a major utility. These skills also help him manage his family life. He has a wife and two kids that he keeps on track. He is a master at planning everything such as vacations, budgets, schedules, menus and home projects.

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