Family Fun in Minneapolis

Growing up and now raising a family in Winnipeg has had many perks. One of which is being in close proximity to the great city of Minneapolis. Minneapolis provides a destination for family vacations that can be relatively inexpensive and with an unlimited supply of fun. Below please find 7 great ideas for guaranteeing family fun in Minneapolis.

1. Valleyfair

We waited till our kids were 7 and 9 before heading to Valleyfair. With the main reason being that the majority of thrill rides are restricted to being 48” and taller.

I had no idea how much our kids were adrenaline junkies until we made this trip. Every ride was better than the last.

Buying tickets early and on-line is recommended for best price and no waiting at the gates. I talked myself into getting the all inclusive tickets which included parking, admission, fast pass and all day dining. The available meals had some restrictions and were pretty unhealthy. Also, think about whether everyone needs the meal pass or if you can get away with half of the family and sharing throughout the day.

The best part of Valleyfair is that the waterpark is included with your admission fee. So it was easy to break up the hot day by being able to take a few waterslides in and relaxing in the wave pool.

Valleyfair Waterslides

2. Mall of America

If you are looking for shopping, the stores you are looking for will be at the Mall of America. But my family does not do much shopping.

Instead we typically opt for the Nickelodeon Universe for a huge indoor theme park. We arrived a few minutes prior to the park opening and the kids were in line immediately. It was fantastic as they were able to ride many rides prior to any crowds that we got our money’s worth within the first hour.

Mall of America Indoor Park

The all day wristbands pay for themselves as you can come and go to have lunch or do some shopping and then return for a few more rides.

3. Minneapolis Zoo

Zoos may not excite everybody but the Minneapolis Zoo has an amazing layout with a terrific range of animals.

Penguin Fun
Minneapolis Zoo

Pricing is also an added perk to the Minneapolis Zoo with adult tickets currently listed at $18 a person. And you have the ability to pack a picnic lunch and save the need to spend money on an additional meal.

Minneapolis Zoo, corned by goats

4. Sports

If your family enjoys watching professional sports teams, then the twin cities is for you. Minneapolis is home to the Vikings, Timberwolves, Wild, Twins, Lynx and United FC.

Depending on the season of your trip, you can spend time at the ball park watching the twins or seeing if you can overlap a vacation to catch a NBA, NHL and NFL game.

5. Minnesota Children’s Museum

The Minnesota Children’s Museum is an awesome and interactive location that offers many hands-on exhibits. Best suited to kids that are ten and under, there are still things to do for the toddlers and early teens.

The Scramble is a terrific four-story vertical adventure that allows your children to burn off any energy gathered in the hotel overnight and to have fun doing so.

6. Science Museum of Minnesota

Located very close to the Minnesota Children’s Museum is the Science Museum of Minnesota. Similarly, many exhibits are waiting and daily events are listed on their website.

The best part is that education your kids take away by simply having fun.

7. Great Wolf Lodge

If planning a winter getaway to Minneapolis, take a look at the Great Wolf Lodge. Located directly adjacent to the Mall of America, the Great Wolf Lodge offers a full family vacation.

The lodge offers eight on-site restaurants, a climbing wall, bowling alley, arcade and of course a terrific water park.

Additionally, numerous activities are offered every day to keep your kids fully entertained.

The truly great thing about Minneapolis is that there are fun things to do for everyone and you can never take in all the greatness in one trip. Making it an easy destination to revisit year after year. Also, as Minneapolis is a major city, various concerts and traveling shows (i.e. X-Games) are hosted each and every year and there is an endless supply of hiking and biking destinations.

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