Using Jigsaw Puzzles with Children for Mindfulness and Attention

Puzzles for Mindfulness and Attention

Big jigsaw puzzles are a great way to spend quality time by yourself, with your kids or your whole family. At time, while we’re sitting there we like it quiet so we can talk though the process and work together. Other times, we put music on and just do our thang. Either way, you can use a puzzle to practice being in the moment (mindfulness), staying on task (attention) and to complete a project you set out to do (perseverance).

Our First Puzzle

Recently my daughter picked up a 1000 piece puzzle at the store and asked if we could do it as a family. I immediately groaned to myself thinking that I didn’t have time for it. I quickly snapped out of my selfishness and realized this was an opportunity to spend some quality time together.

We got home and we opened up the puzzle which spilled out all over the dining room table. I immediately started getting the edge pieces together while my daughter saved all the pieces that hadn’t come apart in the box. Isn’t that a great feeling? You feel so much further ahead with these 5 pairs of pieces that are already put together!

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