Fruit Skewers & Ganache

If you have small children in your life you have probably already noticed that they tend to turn their noses up at things you make to eat, but will attack the same thing like a pack of locusts if someone else makes it for them.

fruit skewers and ganache

The very same thing, but it’s as though your sister sprinkled that snack with magical fairy dust and all of a sudden it’s the best thing they’ve ever had. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Sprinkle some magic fairy dust of your own with fruit skewers and ganache.

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Rice & Bean Salad

Is there a food that you associate with childhood? And, somewhat elusively, still enjoy? I have been eating some version of this rice & bean salad for at least 30 years. I remember my grandmother making it for large family gatherings, and if there was any left my mom always wanted leftovers. My grandmother still makes it sometimes, and now I argue for the leftovers!

rice & bean salad

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Standout Salad Dressing

salad and salad dressingAre you stuck in a salad dressing rut? Whether you buy bottled dressing or make your own be sure to give this one a try. Standout salad dressing keeps in the fridge for quite some time, mixes up in minutes (the resident 7 year old likes to have this as her job), and beautifully complements any salad I make.

Pro tip: repurpose Frank’s Red Hot sauce bottles for spectacular salad dressing application. No more wasted lakes of salad dressing on your kid’s plate!

salad dressing hot sauce lidFrank’s bottles come in a different sizes and the regular hot sauce has the flip top cap with shaker spout. Other sauces such as Buffalo may not, so stick with the standard if that’s the lid you need. Dollarama has tiny ones that are great for camping and travel. Obviously you should eat the hot sauce first – try it directly applied to wedges of avocado, or straight onto a hard boiled egg. The lids do well in the dishwasher, but the bottle may need some scrubbing with a bottle brush depending on your dishwasher.

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