Top 10 Family Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is a special time of year that is filled with opportunity. Rather than simply going through the motions of another year, take the time and start some new family holiday traditions.

They are easy, fun and definitely memorable for your family. Below please find ten of the best family traditions to engage in!

The Typical

If you celebrate Christmas, be sure to take the time to keep up with the typical holiday traditions. Have your children write a letter to Santa, as it is a great way to see what present your kids definitely want.

Also, take a trip to the local mall to visit Santa for the yearly photo opportunity and plan a fun day to decorate your complete house.

1. Get Together’s

Nothing is more holiday than spending time with those that you care about. Plan a yearly ritual of getting together with those who matter most to you. The setting for the get together can be your house, a rented hall or a favourite restaurant.

For our family, my grandmother initiated the tradition of everyone gathering at her house on Christmas Eve. Since her passing, my wife and I have continued the tradition by having both sides of our family over for a few drinks and snacks on Christmas Eve.

2. PJ Gifts

Of all places, this was a new tradition that our family took from an episode of Modern Family.

At our yearly Christmas Eve get together, any kids that are there get to open a gift which is always matching pajamas. Parents enjoy their kids getting a gift that you can put them into before going home and nothing is better than having your kids in brand new PJ`s in every Christmas photo the next morning!

3. Family Ornament Collection

Every mall has a kiosk set up with specialty ornaments. They are great fun to have your kids select an ornament that matches your family’s size or mood.

If you need to catch up on missed years, I recommend waiting till the week after Christmas when the prices are cut in half.

4. Outdoor Fun

Nothing is more winter than spending time outside as a family. In most regions of Canada, you have ample opportunities to toboggan down some hills, ice skate at a park or simply go for a walk with your dogs.

Create a follow up tradition of getting some hot chocolate at your favourite stop or make some at home to enjoy around your electronic fireplace.

5. Elf on a Shelf

Our children had advocated for an Elf on a Shelf the past couple years and we gave in this season.

If you are not familiar, Santa has Scout Elves to be his eyes and ears in homes around the world. They manage his naughty and nice lists and report back to Santa at the North Pole nightly. But each morning, the Scout Elf return to its family and perches in a new spot, waiting to be discovered.

It is a new tradition that appears to be discussed in detail between friends at school daily.

6. Advent Calendar

Remember when the only option for an advent calendar was with a small piece of chocolate to countdown the days till Christmas? Have things ever changed!

Now available are calendars with Reece peanut butter chocolate, Hatchimals, Paw Patrol figures, LEGO pieces, etc.

7. Holiday Movie Nights

Netflix has taken the confusion out of Holiday movie viewing. With a specialty grouping of all movies involving holiday themes, enjoying a family movie has never been easier.

Simply pop some popcorn and jump on the couch to watch some old and new favourite movies.

8. Bake Exchange

Bake what you know but get all the goodies you want. Plan a bake / cookie exchange with some friends and family.

Include your kids in the baking process and bake a half dozen or dozen cookies for all the people attending. At the exchange, you gather enough variation from everyone to stock your cupboards for the holiday season.

9. Gingerbread House

Depending on how easily you are flustered, you may want to purchase a pre-assembled house.

Take out any leftover Halloween candy and let your kids go to town. We enjoy torturing our kids so we have them build it a few weeks before Christmas but it is not for eating till our Christmas Eve get together.

10. Give Back

Helping others is the main point of the holidays. So do what you can. Whether it is donating your personal time, toys, gently used clothing or food. Any type of donation is greatly accepted and noticed by your children.

No matter the traditions that you and your family celebrate, have a terrific holiday season.

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  1. Family traditions are the foundation for any memorable Christmas. And all the children in their marching Jammie’s! How much fun!

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